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Crafting Christmas Part 2

For my Nan I knitted Ishbel, a shawl from Ravelry by Yosolda Teague Designs.

For Ve, Rowan Amy Butler Mugsnugs
And for Sunday Pirate Rowan Amy Butler Sycamore Fingerless Mitts
For Roisin, I made some star bunting like the one I have in my living room

The Rowan/Amy Butler Midwest Knits book is doing me well so far! I'm planning on making some of the mitts and mug snugs for myself shortly. I'll try and get some pictures of the ones that I've made for here soon. 

I also made Mark a hat beard! Pictures hopefully coming soon...if he'll send me some. 

Crafting Christmas Part 1

I made a couple of Christmas presents this year for friends and family, next year I hope to do even more but as it is I put together some hot chocolate kits for people with biscuits, marshmallow and hot chocolate stirrers.

 For the chocolate stirrers I melted two bars plan chocolate and used a large ice cube tray as a mould making 12 cubes. The lolly sticks I placed in just as the surface was starting to set so that they stayed straight.

 The marshallow was my favourite to make, I was very very proud of myself when I'd finished. You can find the recipe on the bbc food website, they're really tasty!

These lovelies are chocolate chip cupcakes from Harry Eastwood's Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache; a firm favourite of mine. The ones with the cherries on top have some cherry jam added, all of them I finished with some edible silver spray :)

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a fantastic day. x

Christmas in the office

Argh I've been pretty bad at the whole blogging thing again lately - no fear I have plenty lined up for the next few weeks!

I'm very lucky in my work colleagues, we all get along really well even though we've all got quite different interests outside of the office. This year we appointed a Christmas Committee Leader in the form of Vikki she then arranged a baking rota and a trip to buy Christmas decorations to festivize our office (yes I'm making that a word now).

I made cinnamon butter biscuits and pesto cheese straws. The biscuits were based on Nigella's recipe from Domestic Goddess but I substituted half the sugar for cinnamon sugar and added a tablespoon of mixed spice.

For the cheese straws I rolled out some ready made puff pastry and spread half with red pest and the other half with green pesto. I then added a lot of grated greier cheese, sliced into stripes, twisted then and placed on a greased baking tray. I then coated parmasan and sprinkled with and a bit…

Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my Mums birthday this week and I'm giving her a scarf.

I haven't ever knitted her anything before... I am a bad daughter. So I'm hoping she likes it! Feeling confidant after the cushion cover I knitted I thought another colour piece would be fun to try and I know she likes the Fair Isle look. I ended up using the star pattern from Rowan Studio 21 (Elizabeth in the bottom left corner) converting it to a scarf.

Unfortunately I forgot to add some ribbing at the sides to stop it curling but surely that just adds to the home-made charm of it! I used Pantons Valiani Yarn in Taupe and Dark Green  about two balls of each continuing the pattern until the length I wanted. 

Here's the finished product:

Scroobius Pip

Last week I went with a couple of friends to see Scroobius Pip. I really like his stuff with Dan le Sac and while I enjoyed the solo album I'd only really listened to it twice...

The set was made up of the new album plus some pre le Sac songs and some of the songs I'd been unsure of on the album really came into their own performed live (something to be expected from a performance poet!). Pip told us all he was feeling a little tired and so would only be at 100% rather than his 120%. I'm not sure if this was true as even the banter was cranked up to 11. He chatted to the audience between numbers about x factor, hats, previous visits to Portsmouth and the origins of songs, swigging from a bottle of wine.

With Dan le Sac (not played at the gig I was at):

btw - is that Example in the video at 1.11?

How musicals have ruined the world for me #5

I have never been this chipper after a night of no sleep... I rarely am after a full nights sleep...

Autumn Playlist

Not posted a playlist in a while, here's my Autumn one now though.  Bones; Ben HowardDays; The KinksEngland; The NationalHeartbeat in 5/4; The Dawn ChorusI Feel It All; FeistI Will Remain; Matthew & The AtlasIf I Had a Boat; James Vincent McMorrowJanie I Will Only Let You Down; Twin FallsMonkey; The Miserable RichNoah's Days; Stealing SheepOctober; Jonas AlaskaOh Girl; Boots ElectricShuffle; Bombay Bicycle ClubSophia; Laura MarlingThe Funeral; Band of HorsesThe Witness' Dull Surprise; Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!True Love Ways; My Morning JacketTurnaroundturnmeon; Sean HayesWalk on The Wild Side; Lou Reed My Autumn playlist on spotify, just hit shuffle. I hope you like it.

Autumn Walks part 1

Titchfield to Meon Shore
Supposedly a 5 mile walk, we found this trail in Mark's Water Walks in Hampshire book. Starting and ending in Titchfield the walk runs along an old canal to the Meon Shore, along the coast and back through woods and fields to the village. 
We were really lucky with the weather, it was a great sunny day, if more than a little windy on the coast!  We passed a pumpkin patch and happily the village fair was also on. I had some toasted marshmallows and the village was decorated with handmade flags and bunting. 
I had a great day hanging out with my friends in a beautiful part of the countryside - looking forward to our next walk!

I have more photos on flickr 

Farlington Marshes

A few weeks ago we had a late burst of summer heat (rather the opposite of the chilly frost bitten mornings of this past week) and Sunday Pirate, Disastrophe and I  went for a wonder around Farlington Marshes. The views are great and it was handy having Mark around to fill us in on some of the local history (some of the mini lakes were formed by bombs); he makes an awesome guide. 
A walk around the main section doesn't take long and is easily accessible. As the area attracts lots of rare birds dogs aren't allowed off the lead but we did bump into a stray horse that must have escaped from a near by field!

Now Autumn is here in full I'm looking forward to lots of crisp country walks wrapped up in hats and scarfs :)

A-Z of me

Lunch at my desk and I'm a little bored so I thought I'd fill in the A-Z questions that have been doing the rounds in the blog world lately; looks like fun!

A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: double
C. Chore that you hate: general tidying. I'm appalling at putting things back where they belong
D. Dogs: LOVE THEM! 
E. Essential start to your day: just getting out of bed takes me a while. Especially when it's cold and dark
F. Favorite colour: blue - never seen a shade of blue I didn't like
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: 5'3''
I. Instruments you play: none...but in my head I can play them all and sing beautifully. 
J. Job title: Sr. Marking Exec. Not as fancy as it might sound... 
K. Kids: not yet thank you. 
L. Live: live music is one of my favourite things; I live on my own in a nice flat in an awesome town
M. Mother’s name: Siobhan
N. Nicknames: currently:

All Sewn Up

I'm pretty rubbish at finishing my knitting and crochet projects. The main reason for that is that I really hate sewing them up! Embroidery or cross stitch - hell yeah - but I find sewing up /sewing in ends etc. all a bit dull.

 Anyway if you have any tips for motivation please let me know! I've finally finished the Amy Butler cushion I was making...but I still haven't sewn the sides together.

The pattern has the back as plain and matching colour two (the flower colour; white in my case) but I felt like stripes that day. I did 6 rows white then 2 rows green. 

Chapel Club at The Wedge

On Saturday I went to see Chapel Club play at The Wedgewood Rooms (if you were there I was the loser sat on the floor on her own at the back between bands). Apparently 45mins after doors open is still a little too early for the first support, but one day I'll get my timing right!

Bear Calvary were first up. An amazing, catchy, lively band from Gosport that I would defiantly recommend and will be seeing again soon I hope. You can listen to some of their songs over on facebook . I really think that you should. 
I wasn't that keen on the second support so I'm not going to talk about them in case it sounds mean...I don't like being mean about people I don't know :P
Chapel Club split their set into two which sounds weird but worked really well. The first section was all new music, the second from the last album and ep. The new songs are a little more electro and less guitary but I still really liked them. The stage was all dolled up with fairy lights too! I got into Chap…

Rose and Violette

Quick post to share the baby blankets which I made for my cousin's twins: Rose and Violette.

I use Sirdar Snuggly 3761 pattern 2, 3ply blanket with a couple of changes... I used Debbie Bliss wool instead of sidar snuggly starting with 136ch instead of 171 and for the border foundation row I used single rather than double.

Weirdly the colours I choose matched their names!

My aunt took them over at the weekend and they loved them :) Now I just have to get over to Brussels at some point to see them all!

To Dry For

You might have heard of this site before, has been featured in lot's of interiors magazines and it's easy to see why! The site features loads of great designs on tea towels for great prices. Some of the designs I've seen as art prints for £30 else where and are under a tenner as a tea towel! What's not to like!

So far I've bought one tea towel from them and had it framed (these designs are just too nice). I'm planning on getting a couple more to make into cushions, cover old tote bags etc. Endless possibilities. After that I might even buy one to dry the dishes with...

"The Rules"

At the weekend a couple of us got some rather sage dating advice from Nic, a 21 year old male. He’s the younger brother of one of best friends and I’ve been friends with him for a couple of years now. I thought that some of you might be interested to know what the boys have to say if like me you’re new to the whole dating thing. Even if you don’t, it’s kinda funny.
“You see men like breasts. That’s pretty much it. But then women build this whole load of other stuff up around it”
On texting: If you want to text text; if they like you then they’ll text backKeep it short, if it’s long and rambley you’ll sound nervous and desperateYou have breasts they won’t care if you were the last person to text a couple of days ago

I’d like to finish this post with a quote from Nic (from when I told him I was blogging about his rules):
“hahayourclearlynotgettingthepointheremiss..... THEREARENORULES!!! Just beyourselfandkeepitsimpleJ”

Empire Big Screen

Alexa and I went up to the big smoke for Empire Big Screen at the O2 a few weeks ago and had an awesome time geeking out over all the film stuff we saw like:

 Warrick Davis getting into the delorian
 new Men in Black bike
 bounty hunters
 The Dark Knight Rises trailer
 New Sherlock Holmes area
 Cowboys vs Aliens bar
 Priates set
 Meeting Harry Potter animals!!

 playing jedi
 The Muppets!!

We're already planning next years visit!

Photos are mine except where stated