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Lundi Loves: Stars Edition

I thought I'd share a few of the things I've stared in google reader...
Who you gunna call from Color me Katie - makes me giggle every time
Library card invitations from You are my Fav - awesome idea Box of Sunshine from Whisker Graphics - perfect gift idea
Dana Barnes crochet from Sarah London- I want to try to make one!
Cork Display board from Birds of a Feather - neat idea :)

Coca-cola cake from Wild and Precious - I do love coca cola... and I do love cake....
Peter Pan collar tanks tutorial from Adventures in Dress Making - sooo cool.

What have you stared lately?

P.S. I have been bad...Alexa tagged me a while ago now I promise to answer the questions ASAP!


Last week I made it to three gigs. It's been a great year for live music so far and the last two weeks have been especially good. Alexa and I met Biffy Clyro the week before last (there was much swooning) and I decided I should make more of an effort and go to things on my own if I couldn't find people to go with.

As it happens three things I wanted to go to turned up in the same week at the same venue...

Here's my week in music:

(sorry youtube embed isn't working for me at the moment)!v=BUZiL6qT6x8!v=WFM_kTAYVsU!v=3rMwc10uNOg!v=7_Bb_rL8juk

Picture it...

Still having issues with my glands but today I've been constructive while sitting around watching West Wing. and made a new picture frame cover. The frame is from (you guessed it) Ikea rather cheaply and the wool was left over from my blanket and cushion cover.

Pretty proud of this one:


My glands are up so I'm sitting around feeling sorry for myself watching the West Wing. I love Josh Lyman...

In other news my poster has been framed! Doesn't it look awesome!

Lundi Loves

1. Tulips
My absolute favourite flower. I especially love them in pink and white. So pretty and the epitome of spring...

both from here
2. Surprise birthday cupcakes
Aren't they pretty? Believe me they tasted amazing too :)

3. Free Recipes
I love picking up free recipe cards in the supermarket. This is my attempt at the new Heston recipe from Waitrose - tasted pretty good, was easy and quick too. Perfect after I killed myself in the gym today!

4. Ikea This is my new favourite part of the flat. I bought the lamp from Ikea last weekend for £9.99!!! It was reduced from £40, I guess the pink maybe a little girlie so it was only that colour. My parent bought me the bookcase (from Ikea) as part of my birthday present and they brought them over yesterday and my dad put them together for me while I gossiped with my mum. I've got a couple of CD/DVD towers to get (also Ikea), a shelf to put up and a picture at the framers and then the living room will be complete! 5. Biffy Cly…