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Lovely weekend

Friday night I made these two little birds... the pink wings are only temporary I want to find some light green tissue paper or voile. I had some red wood ones from Ikea which I used as the template and made them out of felt and normal embroidery thread. As you can see they now hang from my blind which doesn't make for great camera lighting

Saturday we hung out by the sea front then I went to see The Ghost; which was much better than I thought it would be.

Today was spent with my parents and my brother. We went shopping, had lunch and when we got back I was given my birthday presents (tomorrow I am 25). I'll share later but it was a really good day and now I'm eating cake watching Once.

Here's a sneak peek at the biscuits I've made for work people...

I would like to be...

pictures from weheartit


The granny rectangle blanket is now complete! I'm rather proud of it. It's warm and cosier than it looks. I made it with Rowan Bamboo Tape which is fairly heavy but also cheap on ebay (it's been discontinued) and nice to work with. Pictures below...
In other news my mum gave me her old bike last week so yesterday I took it to be checked over. Rode it on the way back and realised I don't think I've ever ridden on flat ground and it feels pretty different to riding up or down hill. But maybe its just the fact I've not been on a bike outside the gym in about 10 years. When I was younger my dad, brother and I would ride up Butser hill or to the country park or around the local villages. I'm looking forward to lots of adventures on it as soon as I'm more confident again.


I've had the week off! It's been rather nice catching up on sleep and catching up with friends.
Saturday night we went out for a friends birthday and I saw some people I'd not seen in aaages. Sunday was mainly sent chatting in pub gardens - until it got chilly. I also made myself pancakes for breakfast (yes I am a messy cook but that's part of the fun).
Monday we went to Beaulieu and checked out lots of cars. It was better than I make it sound see...

Today I've been watching Prison Break Season 1 and hanging out with a very special lady. We went for a walk in the woods and had lunch in the cafe.

Isn't she cute? Isla is 7 and likes to drink from the bottle like a little lamb. She wore herself out a lot running up and down hills chasing birds, looking for birds etc. (she likes birds a lot but luckily has never managed to catch one!)