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Lundi Loves

1) Peter Gabriel
2) Bowls I find any food can be comfort food if it is warm and can be eaten from a bowl with just a fork or spoon.
3) Paris I went when I was 7 but want to go back again. I remember bits but not enough...

4) The radio A good radio show can't be beat - it can open you up to new songs and reconnect you with old ones.

5) Whip It

Love the cast and now the poster is in our local cinema... hurry up already!

Pictures all from weheartit

Paper Butterflies

I made some to go in my flat :) I cut the butterflies out from my White Stuff catalogue (nice quality paper - good weight and matte) then stuck them to the thin wire with double sided craft tape. This allows them to bounce around a bit. The other end of the wire I wrapped around some thicker wire to help weight them in the flower pot.


My sightseeing day in Barcelona was great fun and work went well too! I just wish I had more time to see more things. There is such a lot going on in Barcelona and it is such a beautiful city. I've set up a flickr now so my pictures are on there. Just remember that they were taken on a my phone and the weather was unfortunately as grey as in the UK!

Last night we went to see bands play the NME tour - while we missed openers The Drums we got to do my dance to The Big Pink and Bombay Bicycle Club and The Maccabees were both amazing! I was still singing Maccabees songs on the walk home. Alexa also met the cutest couple who's wedding song was Toothpaste Kisses (there was lots of aww-ing and a little jealously heehe). I'm pretty sure that later today I may not be able to move because I was jumping up and down and generally dancing a lot last night... However we're off on a countryside adventure today (day off fun).
Have a nice day!


Haha I am an eejit - the travel guide kinda gives away where I'm going doesn't it!

Yep I get a day to see the sites in Barcelona :) I'll also be spending V. Day with a bunch of people from work - second year in a row. Last year my boss and I had an amusing dinner in our hotel laughing at the waiters giving us odd looks as we turned down roses and champagne.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
image from weheartit.


Yep I'm off travelling for work. I'll leave where as a surprise - there will be pictures when I'm back! But in the mean time here are some pictures of things I'll take with me! Carry on: Magazines, toiletries, book, passport, ipod, crochet shawl, tissues, diary, note pad, purse and travel guide. Laptop not shown.

My new perfume; isn't she cute?!

and of course I'll be taking some crafting with me! Just started a granny rectangle blanket (I guess that's what it's called).

I couldn't find any videos of Jetsetter anywhere so here is another from Ed Harcourt. It's also all you're going to get out of me in terms of Valentines Day stuff so I've made it a good'en.

Lundi Loves

1. Paper butterflies

Both weheartit
A friend of a friend sells these here aren't they cute?!
2. Glee: Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mash-up Can't get this out of my head!!! 3. My latest girl crush...
Rebecca Hall

Image from here
4. Man on Wire

Amazing man, beautiful film. I have literally just finished watching this and it is moving watching a man relive for filling his dreams.

Image from here
5. Rugby (Jonny Wilkinson)
It's my fav. sport to watch. It's a beautiful game and a lot more graceful than you'd imagine considering it's basically a bunch of guys running into each other. I don't normally go for blonde jock types but then I also don't particularly have a type so here's Jonny.

Image from here (Watch the no. 10)

Two in a day!

Only another quick one though I'm afraid.
I have a new crush...
Eddie Redmayne
image from here
I like the freckles in particular...

Quick one...

On my lunch break at the work right now... but how cute are these?