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Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

My first gig of the year was to see Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks earlier this month. I've loved Pavement for years and had a bit of a crush on Malkmus way back when ...

They were my rebellion band - the only time my dad has turned around and said 'what's this noise you're listening to' was about Slanted and Enchanted! 
Anyway I've followed him along since (thank you Spotify...) and the albums with the Jicks are pretty great - I'm especially loving the new one and when the date was announced I jumped at those tickets!
They played a mixed of songs, not much chatting though unfortunately. Great crowd though, not too many youngsters making me feel old!

Crochet flower headbands

After seeing the headband I made myself (here) my aunt asked me to make two of these for my cousins children - I thought they looked great so I made a few more for my Etsy shop! I kept the flowers white as I thought they'd be perfect for flower girls if you're getting married but they are good for most occasions really. The headbands are from Claire's Accessories and I sewed/glued them tto the headband with the felt and my label.

The flowers are one of my favourite things to crochet at the moment.

I'm still a bit gaga over my labels :)

Jen Rowland print

I got this rabbit/hare? print from the Southbank Centre shop yesterday on my way home from work. It's limited edition signed print and was only 20quid! Not bad. I do love a rabbit. I've put it above my chest of draws.  It saw some changes after Christmas -

 This pretty macaroon was a gift from Heather - I haven't decided what to put in it yet but it's too scrummy not to have on show.

The sheep was a joke gift from my parents - who knows where mum found it! I'm tempted to knit him some jumpers for different times of year. He doesn't have a name yet so suggestions are welcome...

50's ice cream parlour themed party

It was SundayPirates birthday this weekend and she hosted an amazing 50's ice cream parlour themed party! Look at the details! She knows how to host.
There were red solo cups, 50's music, cupcakes and hotdogs
My attempt to make a wrapped gift look like a cupcake! Nowhere near as gorgeous as the birthday girl.
We all dressed up and Heidi even made hers! My friends are annoyingly talented...

 Jenny and Me - I'm trying to keep my eyes open while being blinded by the flash! Photo by SundayPirate

Blue ripples knitted cushion cover

I'm a bit annoyed with myself as I could have sworn I'd emailed myself picture of this cushion to blog yesterday in my lunch break but apparently not! Well here it is today!

I loved making this one the pattern is a bit repetitive but looks like water ripples in this colour. I think it would look good in grey too. It's now up on my Etsy shop: 

Origrami prints

These came in the post today!! I've blogged about Origrami before and I think it's a perfect way to print off your fav Instagram snaps - I'm thinking about doing a set each year so these are from 2013.

I went for a different size this time they are less retro looking maybe but a great size and very easy to frame. I love the packaging so much!! Last time I put them up on my wall, I've since taken them down and dotted them around my room in frames but I might redo the wall with these.

Sorry about the photo quality - I took these in the kitchen on my phone as my DSLR battery is dead (and now on charge)

2 Sherlocks

I have just finished the season three finale of Sherlock - I'm not going to say much in case you've not watched it except that it's bloody brilliant and they had better not wait another two years for the next serious even if they are all famous and in films and such...

I didn't watch it on Sunday when it aired because I went to the BFI (I left the house on a Sunday night!), which brings me to my second Sherlock - Sherlock Jr.

The BFI are currently having a Buster Keaton season and if you can you you really should. They have a live pianist and honestly his films are timeless. So funny - I don't think I've been to see a film where people laughed so much in ages. As the BFI says:

"His view of the world was distinctive: unsentimental yet compassionate, darkly conscious of life’s absurdities yet illuminated by a cautiously hopeful humanity. Besides being a peerless entertainer, he was an artist of the highest order; accordingly, his work – much of it ahead of …


I'm not one for starting things straight away in January, much better to wait until you're back in the routine of work. I have a couple of long term goals (healthier, weight loss, more productive, save more money...) but to start with I'm going for these:

Don't snooze:
I tend to wake up about 6-7ish and then not get up until 7.30-8ish (I work flexi) it's really bad and leaves me feeling sleepy. What I'm trying to do is get up within 5 mins of waking up - so far it's given me much more time and make the mornings less rushed.

Breakfast before I leave home:
I tended to eat at work which isn't great, this week I've been having scrambled egg on toast or porridge - much better. With the scrambled egg I've not even felt hungry until 12 (which is rare for me!)

Leave work earlier:
This hasn't really happened, I've been getting in earlier and even working shorter lunch but I think once I've caught up from the break it should be easier.


Crown and hearts (more cushions)

Not bad right? I amended a cross stitch pattern from Penelopisfreebies for this one.

And it has a partner, my hearts cushion in a different colour scheme! I had a rush making these as a gift before Christmas but I think they turned out pretty well.

You can see more about the hearts patterns here

Cross stitch necklace

Today was my first day back at work in 2014 (I took the rest off - it was lovely). I thought I'd make a bit of an effort and put on boots, tights and a skirt as well as the above.

The necklace was a christmas present from Ve, she made it! Isn't it amazing! You can get the necklace hoops online or from some craft shops she said.

Why a bike you ask? Well partly because of the time I fell into a parked car attempting to cycle and also because she maintains all I need to be 100% hipster is a fixed wheel bike! The cheek of it...

The first Monday of the year is apparently the most depressing of the year which is a sad way to start isn't it! My day was pretty good although I managed to rip my skirt (nooooo!).

P.S. I died my hair last week, it's a bit darker than usual - thoughts?

Richard II, blankets & Kingston

This weekend I've mainly been working on the big purple blanket; it's a monster and I think it'll take me most of the year but it's going to be beautiful... 

Besides that my parents came up Saturday with my brother for us to go see Richard II with David Tennant in! It's a great production ... if you can get tickets. My brother said they had cut bits of it out but it still works and Tennant is great as the vain mislead king and the set is amazing! 

Today I went to Local Hero in Kingston with Roisin for a natter and a rather lovely sausage sandwich. Kingston was pretty much sponsored by Cath Kidstone over Christmas - lot's of pretty polka dots!