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Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my Mums birthday this week and I'm giving her a scarf.

I haven't ever knitted her anything before... I am a bad daughter. So I'm hoping she likes it! Feeling confidant after the cushion cover I knitted I thought another colour piece would be fun to try and I know she likes the Fair Isle look. I ended up using the star pattern from Rowan Studio 21 (Elizabeth in the bottom left corner) converting it to a scarf.

Unfortunately I forgot to add some ribbing at the sides to stop it curling but surely that just adds to the home-made charm of it! I used Pantons Valiani Yarn in Taupe and Dark Green  about two balls of each continuing the pattern until the length I wanted. 

Here's the finished product:

Scroobius Pip

Last week I went with a couple of friends to see Scroobius Pip. I really like his stuff with Dan le Sac and while I enjoyed the solo album I'd only really listened to it twice...

The set was made up of the new album plus some pre le Sac songs and some of the songs I'd been unsure of on the album really came into their own performed live (something to be expected from a performance poet!). Pip told us all he was feeling a little tired and so would only be at 100% rather than his 120%. I'm not sure if this was true as even the banter was cranked up to 11. He chatted to the audience between numbers about x factor, hats, previous visits to Portsmouth and the origins of songs, swigging from a bottle of wine.

With Dan le Sac (not played at the gig I was at):

btw - is that Example in the video at 1.11?

How musicals have ruined the world for me #5

I have never been this chipper after a night of no sleep... I rarely am after a full nights sleep...