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Brownie scarf!

Yep, that's right it's finished! Pictures below. I found my sash and badges a while back and wanted to do something with them I like the idea of the brown scarf as it is a bit like a sash (if you think about it and squint a bit...)

Sorry it's so fuzzy, Blackberry's don't have the best cameras! That is my Footpath badge, I thought it was a good one to use on a scarf.

And yes I even lined the pocket. The scarf is moss stitch with three stocking stitch at each end. The yellow has been crocheted on.
In other news my face is starting to fall off now. The doctor froze a skin tag on my face. It essentially gives you frost bite and then the lump falls off. In theory it won't leave a mark as cutting would. I'll let you know!
Girls night out tonight :) I hope you have a good weekend!

busy busy busy...

Eeep sorry have not posted for aaages! Been a busy time: Mums birthday (great time: family, food and more food)Finished my cardigan! Will post pictures later onBrownie scarf nearly finishedStarted a new small project... watch this space!Theatre was good, a funny romp rather than a slow burning romance which worked considering the time they had. Cinema!
2012 : Even my Mum didn't like this and she loves some bad films. There are some great comedy accents though and Cusack... :)
New Moon : I loved it. That's all I'll say.

Pic from Yahoo movies


and Prejudice
I love it. I love books, words, thoughts and images a lot anyway that's most likely how I ended up working in publishing. But Austin is one of my favourites, she captures society, feelings, conversations and relationships so well. Pride and Prejudice is when I first feel in love with all things Austin, and the BBC adaptation is when it started... This week is particularilay Austin filled. I'm off to see a production of it at Chichester Festival Theatre and I'm also reading this very funny new adaptation... It may not be my favourite book by Jane Austin but what girl doesn't want their Mr. Darcy?

Weekly round up...

Busy weekend but I won't bore you with the details.

Still working on my cardigan but it's nearly there, just making it up and then need to add the pockets. I don't know about you but rather than sew the pieces together I like to get the crochet hook out and use that, it's quick, you can use the left over wool and it's an awful lot neater than my sewing!

Not much cinema going last week but I did get to see Men Who Stare at Goats - silly, funny and well cast.

This week I am in love with girls who play guitars, I wish I could.

PJ Zooey Amy

Mixed tape challenge

So Miss over at has thrown down the gauntlet - what would be on your mixed tape...

Oddly I was just putting together a Friday playlist I would share but it's 42 songs long and I think a mix tape should be a slightly shorter affair so here's my Friday Feeling mix: Sammy Davies Jr. - Rhythm of LifeDiana Ross - UpsidedownCoconut Records - NighttimingThe Bees - A Minha MeninaElvis Costello - Pump it UpLCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at My HouseThe Roots - The Seed (2.0)Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue SkyInterpol - Slow HandsRachid Taha - Rock el CasbahVampire Weekend - A PunkViolent Femmes - Blister in the Sun
Bonus track:Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
found here Okay so maybe I do have a little crush on him...

Bow Beauty

Alexa has posted a picture of her in the bow head band I made her. Check it out: This week I'm loving:
Veg pots Glee! Can't wait for it to be released over here.

Monday, Monday

Great weekend with food friends gossip and knitting! Yep we went along to the Stich by Bitch group at the local pub and I caught up on some of my knitting. I still haven't started that bow though!

Also this weekend I started some granny stars after seeing the ones by Sarah London sorry about the picture quality I need to fix my camera - my phone just isn't up to the job...

Friday eyecandy

Just seen the new kleenex advert Tom Hardy is so lovely in it and they ruin it with a lot of randoms!

Tom as Bill in Oliver Twist source Right I'm off shopping.


Now I haven't actually been out to see any but I can see some from my window if I crouch down a bit.

Been a busy week so far this week. Seen some films (see below) finished Alexa's hairband forgot to take pictures though... and also made a picture frame cover from some left over wool. The pattern needs some work but it's ok.
It was my younger brothers birthday this week and my mum's 50th is coming up so tomorrow I am off work and present hunting with my aunt for her gift. Alexa has also shown me some of her scrapping and I really do have to give it a go at some point... you can see her stuff at Any suggestions welcome! Films seen this week: 9 This is the cartoon not the musical. Visually impressive but the plot is a little confused. Vampires Assistant actually a lot better than I thought it would be, funny if a little silly. Have a good weekend!


Ahhh it's getting that much closer to Christmas, but before that we've got November month of birthdays, food, sleep and hopefully lot's of crafting.

Must do this week:
Finish Alexa's HairbandFinish crochet pictureframe coverStart knitted bow for t-shirtCatch up on films at the cinema (recommendations?) Have a good week! x P.S. Stolen picture from Facebook of the Halloween outfits (Thank You!)