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Delayed reply

Alexa tagged me aaaages ago to answer her questions. Anywhoo here are my answers!
1. The Simpson's or Family Guy?
I don't watch either but I guess I'd have to go Simpson's as I used to watch it lots when I was younger.
2. What was your favourite book as a child?

here 3. What was your last purchase? My last was most likely food shopping yesterday but here is my favourite. It's a beautiful, delightful, witty, sad, happy romantic and funny tale that feels like you are sneaking a peak at someone's letters. A complete joy.
4. What advice would you give your younger self?

here 5. What is your favourite dinner dish? At the moment, different variations of pasta and green beans.
6. If there were a film or movie written about your life, what would it be called? Extraordinarly Average
7. What makes you cringe? The chalk especially when it touches my nails. It's incredibly annoying as I love pretty chalk in lots of different colours :(

Fathers day

Sunday I spent a lovely day with my parents in the afternoon we watched a film and then some of the world cup football. In the morning we went to Gilbert White's House for a flower sale, a walk around the house and for my parents to buy some nice new plants.
This is Robert, my dad, although the plant is also called Robert.

Isn't the house lovely? This is the back but behind where I was stood there are fields and the woods. It's a beautiful place.

Taking a break...


Yep I've been a bad bad blogger lately.... sorry.
Here are some flowers Anyway I don't have much of an excuse for last week (I've mainly been catching up knitting and Gym-ing) but the week before I was lucky enough to go to Portugal with work. It was great fun although there were very long days!
I'm going to try harder from now on!