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Sewing Project

I decided to take a break from my knitting project before I impaled myself on one of the needles (only one sleeve left to go!), and do some sewing. Isn't this stripy fabric amazing? I bought it from 

The words are from this pinterest picture on my quotes board. 
To start with I wrote the quotes in pencil on to the fabric (it washes out if you make any mistakes or you can use a good old rubber (eraser). My handwriting isn't the best but I think it works well with the lines paper effect fabric.
 I then freehanded some flowers and a bird based on ideas in Doodle Stitching & glued the fabric to the frame backing to keep it tight.

The project was really quick and something I'm thinking of doing again with some other quotes.

Feb Photo a Day

Here are my first week of photo's from Fat Mum Slim's Feb Photo a Day Instagram challenge. I managed to do all of them except "A Stranger" (Day 4) You can find me over at @caketin85 and I'd love to see your photos if you're doing it too. 
Day 1: Your View Today
Day 2: Words 
Day 3: Hands 
Day 5: 10am 
 Day 6: Dinner
Day 7: Button

Knitting again

Remember me posting about these hand/arm warmers by Amy Butler/Rowan?

Well I got around to making some for myself last month and with the cold weather we've been having I very glad I did!

I really do love this pattern although it's a little fiddly using 2 cable needles. Second time around it was much quicker to make; although that maybe because I didn't sew them up as neatly this time (first pair I made were a gift). The colours in Rowans Amy Butler wool collection are so pretty and very nice to work with it's just a shame how pricey all Rowan's wools are...

"Pain demands to be felt"

Ok so I finished The Fault in Our Stars a couple of weeks ago now.

I read it in under 24 hours, I would have read it in a lot less time than I did but I was already too involved with the characters and bawling my eyes out half way through and had to take a break.

It is my favourite John Green book and one that seems to have taken off. As you may have guessed I have a great big crush on this guy (previous post); about half my pinterest quotes board is filled with his quotes. I don't think this has made be bias. I loved Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines but didn't love Looking for Alaska as much as I wanted to (my mind set is much more in line with Paper Towns - a different dealing of a similar situation). I mention this because I hope it makes me encouraging you to read The Fault in Our Stars that much more credible. It's beautifully written, funny and romantic and yes it's sad, but it's never over done and it's not easily forgotten either.

South Parade Pier (Southsea)

Is there anything nicer than a crisp afternoon by the sea with friends?

Yeah there is... stopping off on the way home to eat cake at Tenth Hole

More pics on Flickr

Hello February

Crisp, cold, clear skies...

I think I love you already.

P.S. I'm going to try and do Fat Mum Slim's Feb Photo a Day on Instagram. This is my day 1. You can find me over at @caketin85