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So last month I went on a trip with my Mum and one of my Aunts to Belgium to visit my cousin and his lovely family :) I don't get to see them enough which is a shame because my cousin is the biggest film and music geek I know. He lent me Q magazine and Empire, numerous CDs and films and even took me to my first concert (the bootleg beatles - amazing). Anyway Belgium has lots of other awesome things too like...
Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy
Lace shops (maybe a few too many for my liking but my mum and aunt loved them)
pretty buildings and rivers (we went to Bruges for the day. It rained. A lot.)
Pretty parks with duck ponds That's my last trip this year so you get a break from holiday photos!

The cool down

So it's rather rainy and cold here now and my life's starting to calm down along with it too. I've a couple of updates coming soon but here are some pics from a daytrip with my parents last month (remember when there was a visible sun in the sky?). We went to Hinton Ampner not far from where they live.

There are a few more photos on flickr here it's a beautiful place.


I got back from Paris just over a week ago and so many things have happened since then it seems longer. I had a great weekend sightseeing after a week of work (even though it rained). Photo's will be on my flickr soon (a few are but not all). In the meantime here's a taster...

Don't hate me but...

I'm in Paris... Back soon :) x

photo credit


Last week work sent me to Valencia and Sunday to Thursday I was hard at work (as you can see)
Photo taken by Jan de Landtsheer
But on Friday I got to wonder around the city before my flight back...
The weather was beautiful and sunny
The buildings are beautiful... The parks are peaceful...
and if you still aren't convinced this is a place you'd want to go this is the post office ceiling!
I've more pictures on Flickr if you'd like to see more. It's a small city well worth a weekend getaway I think :)


Been a bit ill this months so sorry it's been rather quiet again here. Anyway I'm all good now and had a great bank holiday weekend.
I went to the kite festival on Southsea common:

Hung out with Alexa
and also went to the bandstand for a bit.
We also had our annual family picnic. It's pretty much all my mums side of the family however my parents were on holiday so it was just my brother and I representing The Flints. Doesn't Tom look happy? I think he may have just done badly in the cricket match...
He loves me really...

All My Friends are Superheroes

Well in their own ways they are...


Have you read this book? It's not just got an awesome title it's beautifully written, funny and romantic without being soppy or twee. I'm rubbish at reviews and can never do the things I love enough justice so here's some of what it says on amazon:
'This is an adorable book: neat, sweet, petite. Your loved one will love you even more for buying it for them. Toby Litt 'Somebody should write Mr Kaufman and thank him for his tender heart ... I expect this story will replace boxes of chocolates and flowers in courting rituals to come.' Sheila Heti
Also surprising me... I saw lots of these on the street near my house at weekend.

Holiday fun

Apologies in advance I've gone a bit crazy with the poladroid on this one... Pictures all by me etc.
Anyway I've been a bit quiet on here because I've been in Cornwall for the last week with a group of 5 friends. It was great fun, relaxing and at times hilarious. I am now knackered. Still. Rather than me ramble on about what we did here are some pictures:

No Frills Post

I finished the jumper I was knitting. After starting to sew on the frills I realised I didn't really like them so left them off...
Anyway here's a quick picture:
Photo taken by Miss
Addicted to this song today Polite Dance Song by The Bird and The Bee the video is also awesome - check it out. (they've cancelled the embed for this one grrr)

This weekend I have mostly been:

Awed by Inception
Watching October Road (gazing at Bryan Greenberg) - don't know original source Releasing my inner geek
Rocking shirts and rugby shirts
Photo by Miss Revisiting the Twilight franchise ready to watch the film this week Eating pizza and lime dorritos

Do you need more confidence?

Training at work yesterday: Instructor: So how do you personally prepare for a meeting: Me:get a drink a: wear smart clothes b: wear nice shoes etc. M.: I like to put on my fake moustache of confidence instructor: If I was attending that meeting I might find that a little distracting.
This actually happened. I told my friend about it and later on I found these on my desk hehe.


Right now I'm making frills for a jumper... I'm not sure about you but the thing I dislike most about knitting is casting on... and casting on over 300 stitches for each frill is getting a bit dull now.
So I procrastinated by calling my parents. Worryingly dad asked me if vegetable curry that went out of date in February would be OK to eat (he HATES throwing food away). Of course I said no. He said he thought it would be fine because it didn't specify a day in February... Here's hoping that mum gets home quickly!

June Stars

Here are some of the blog posts I've stared over the last month...
1. Embroidery hoops on design*sponge but by Brooke from Playing Grown Up (seriously cute blog) - I just got to choose a quote...

2. Cake you can post! From Post Grad Hair Cut - I would be so chuffed to get some of this.

3. Connect the dots postcards by crtten found on joliejolie design - awesome idea

4. Belt from the little things we do - super pretty and cute

5. Red Velvet Woopie Pie from fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody - how yummy does this look?
What have you stared this month?

Delayed reply

Alexa tagged me aaaages ago to answer her questions. Anywhoo here are my answers!
1. The Simpson's or Family Guy?
I don't watch either but I guess I'd have to go Simpson's as I used to watch it lots when I was younger.
2. What was your favourite book as a child?

here 3. What was your last purchase? My last was most likely food shopping yesterday but here is my favourite. It's a beautiful, delightful, witty, sad, happy romantic and funny tale that feels like you are sneaking a peak at someone's letters. A complete joy.
4. What advice would you give your younger self?

here 5. What is your favourite dinner dish? At the moment, different variations of pasta and green beans.
6. If there were a film or movie written about your life, what would it be called? Extraordinarly Average
7. What makes you cringe? The chalk especially when it touches my nails. It's incredibly annoying as I love pretty chalk in lots of different colours :(