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How musicals have ruined the world for me #6

Sadly I very much doubt that prostitution is ever this much fun.

P.S. how awesome is Maclaine?! I adore her.


So a while back now (all the way back in last year), we went to see Yuck at the Wedgewoodrooms.

First up were Gross Magic they were actually pretty good although the bad hair and grungy hipster/homeless person clothes kinda annoyed me a bit. Oh and the singer seems to be trying to sound as pathetic as he can. That said I couple of their songs were really good, I just think it might have been improved with a female singer maybe (I'm most likely going to be attached by some angry teenagers if they ever read this).

Pretty sure these guys were lucky not to pass out drunk on stage but they were still good. Less banter than a lot of the other bands I'd seen this year which was disappointing but hey, they had batter hair than Gross Magic!  The singer kept his coat on for a large amount of the set, maybe to try and sweat out some of the alcohol? The band has some great songs though and played well, Georgia being a highlight for me (but then it is for me on the album too) as well …

Netley Take Two

Since May I've been going around reclaiming things. Post breakup I figured that rather than avoid things (songs, films etc.) that reminded me of my ex I needed to revisit them all and make them my own again. I don't know that it has worked any better or worse than anything else but it's also given me an excuse for another (some what belated) road trip and walk around the beautiful Netley. I went there with the ex and our friend Mark early last year (see here). It was a lot busier than our last trip (we went the bank holiday before the first day back at work in 2012) but this also meant that the cafe was open so we could grab some bacon sandwiches!


Challenge completed! Is there a better phrase?
In 2011 I set myself the goal to read a book a week and I gave 115% and read 60. 60 BOOKS! How'd that happen! Well in all honesty some of those were graphic novels... but they still count I think. I also have a 30 min each way commute on the train and read pretty much every night.

I work in publishing, but luckily not fiction books. I struggled during (and just after) my degree reading for fun. It started to feel like work rather than the insightful escapism that it had been before. I think if it was part of my job that would still be an issue. Now, however, I'm all about the escapism!

Any of you seen this on Pinterest?
Robert Pattinson Quote : "If you find a girl who reads, keep her close. When you find her up at 2 AM clutching a book to her chest and weeping, make her a cup of tea and hold her. You may lose her for a couple of hours but she will always come back to you. She’ll talk as if the characters in the book are real,…

The Drums

So when I go to gigs I make notes on my phone between each set and when I get around to it I type them up and put them on here.

I typed up the notes from The Drums gig in December at Portsmouth Pyramids then deleted them. Turns out I also didn't schedule the post properly or something as it seems to have vanished... this is a real shame as it was most likely the best piece of writing I've even done and now it will never see the light of day :P

So a quick recap from my memory...
History of Apple Pie: pretty good, unfortunately had some technical issues
Cloud Control: AMAZING
The Drums: really good, awesome dance moves, rubbish final song, didn't play this*:
*I actually heard some people joking (I think) about asking for their money back because of it...
Some Cloud Control, because they owned it and their set was too short:

Music of 2011

I love Music and I love lists. If you do too I think you might like this post...

My favourite albums 2011 (no real order):

The DecemberistsCloud ControlThe Rural Alberta AdvantageNoah and the WhaleAlex ClareThe Head and The HeartFoster The PeopleMister HeavenlyPeter Bjorn and JohnGrouplovePiney GirTom VekMetronomyLaura MarlingSubmarines

Favourite Live Bands in 2011 (no particular order):

Noah and The WhaleGrouploveMetronomyMaccabeesChapel ClubCloud ControlNaked and FamousArcade Fire
Bands I wanted to be in 2011 (No Particular order): Cloud ControlGrouploveDarwin Deez

If you are a Spotify user you can see my 100 songs of 2011 playlist over here I've left it in the order I added the songs as it runs almost like a music diary.  I'm also on here

Random song not from 2011 that I have been a little obsessed with throughout 2011...

Happy New Year!

So New Years Eve was pretty much a microcosm of my 2011. It was a great, silly, funny, crazy night spent with awesome friends but it was a little weird and a little sad. It's weird thinking back on over last year and where we all were, where we've been. A little sadness is a good thing sometimes, makes you appreciate some of the better things... So 2011 was the year I got my heartbroken for the first time, I had some fall outs, health & family stuff going on but I also had some of the most peaceful days, romantic moments, crazy nights and a hell of a lot of fun, hell I even made marshmallows!

I'd be happy having a similar year this year; that said I have a few resolutions which I very much doubt I'll stick to...
Blog moreCraft moreCook/bake moreNo boysBe more organisedAcknowledge when things aren't okBe healthier