Chapel Club at The Wedge

by Rich from here
On Saturday I went to see Chapel Club play at The Wedgewood Rooms (if you were there I was the loser sat on the floor on her own at the back between bands). Apparently 45mins after doors open is still a little too early for the first support, but one day I'll get my timing right!

Bear Calvary were first up. An amazing, catchy, lively band from Gosport that I would defiantly recommend and will be seeing again soon I hope. You can listen to some of their songs over on facebook . I really think that you should. 

I wasn't that keen on the second support so I'm not going to talk about them in case it sounds mean...I don't like being mean about people I don't know :P

Chapel Club split their set into two which sounds weird but worked really well. The first section was all new music, the second from the last album and ep. The new songs are a little more electro and less guitary but I still really liked them. The stage was all dolled up with fairy lights too! I got into Chapel Club through not long after a break up and love these two songs in particular; both of which they played.