Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my Mums birthday this week and I'm giving her a scarf.

I haven't ever knitted her anything before... I am a bad daughter. So I'm hoping she likes it! Feeling confidant after the cushion cover I knitted I thought another colour piece would be fun to try and I know she likes the Fair Isle look. I ended up using the star pattern from Rowan Studio 21 (Elizabeth in the bottom left corner) converting it to a scarf.
Rowan 'Studio' Issue 21 (ZB97)

Unfortunately I forgot to add some ribbing at the sides to stop it curling but surely that just adds to the home-made charm of it! I used Pantons Valiani Yarn in Taupe and Dark Green  about two balls of each continuing the pattern until the length I wanted. 

Here's the finished product: