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This weekend was pretty busy - not in the going out lot's way although I guess I did, just no late nights.

Friday I saw Chorus Line with Ro after Diner for dinner. The play is really well done, all in real time and showing glimpses of the types of people that audition for stage roles and why.

Saturday we got a new flat mate. Yep one of the girls has moved in with he boyfriend and after interviewing new ones I think we have a good one. She likes Doctor Who and Sherlock so at the very least I have someone to geek out with at home now! We of course celebrated in the pub and got to know her boyfriend - who has already got in my good books by helping take the recycling out this morning (it's the little things).

Sunday was mainly spent at Ikea. We went to top up some of our kitchen bits and to replace a rather uncomfortable sofa with a couple of cosy chairs. I also wanted a new bookcase. After we got back there was lot's of moving things around, clearing out and furniture buildi…

Graphic Novels

I'm always up for recommendations here. So far I've tended to enjoy either the comedy superhero ones (Kickass, Scott Pilgrim) or more autobiographical (French Milk, Logicomix, Persepolis)

This year I tried some batman ones that my friend lent me, they were good but not as impressive as I'd hoped. I can't put my finger on why but I didn't enjoy them like I had some others...

I've read a few more this year and I think part of the reason is the artwork. What I like about it is that the visuals can help tell the story in a different way with words. Duh you say? Well let me explain a bit more...

The Sandman I loved this so damn much, it's going to cost me a fortune to finish this series though! Anyway it's not just the story Gaiman writes but I think the artwork really helps show the weird dream kingdom.

Baby's in Black
This biography looks back at The Beatles time in Germany. The art shows so perfectly Sutcliffe's fragile state, the romance of the two…

Constellation of crochet stars

I've been using up the last of my Rowan Bamboo Tape. This stuff is so lovely to work with and has a nice natural sheen to it. I've made a few lot's of bunting before and they looked so good I thought I'd make more. I have 8 sets of 12 ready to be stringed up - I might put a little starch on them first so they stay in shape... I'll share more pictures when they're finished.

UPDATE: pattern is now on the blog over here


Origrami are an Australian company that prints your Instagram photos. There are lot's of places out there doing Instagram printing but I liked the look of these guys. Their site is pretty  (see picture above), the prints look like polaroids but are on nice card, the backs are also designed.

Mainly though it's that card box in the top right that they come in. I love good packaging and this is adorable. I've stuck mine with washi tape on the bit of wall by my desk and window around my calendar (Mollie Makes if you're wondering).

Tegan & Sara LIVE

If you've read this blog before you'll know I like Tegan and Sara well I went to see them play when they were in London last month (yeah I know that was ages ago now...)

I first got into them through my friend Ben G. and some bloggers plus Greys Anatomy (it's an amazing show OK!). Blogs told me that they chat a lot on stage (you know I love some audience interaction) telling stories from their childhood and such so I really didn't want to miss out. They played at Troxy which is pretty massive. I booked late so I had a seat (I am old so that wasn't a problem)

side note: the seats are pretty weird though, I had one in a booth and had a bit of a crick in my neck by the end, table though WHOOP! 

They played most of the new album and plenty of their older hits - they even did a medley! Something they'd read in NME or some such rag that cool bands should never do. They brought their mum with them on tour as she hadn't been to Europe but had always wanted to she a…

Bird knitted cushion cover DIY

I've been doing a lot of cable work lately and while I love it I needed to take a break and try something a bit different so I went back to colour. This little guy is actually from a cross stich pattern I saw on pinterest.
I'd been thinking about using a cross stitch pattern for a while (they are basically the same after all) but it's tough finding a small simple one. This is Martha Stewart one is free on her website!

Where there is a half stitch in the pattern I do a whole stitch - I didn't on the birds right leg and you can see it looks a bit weird.

Cast on to match width of cushion (mine was 70 stitches)
4 rows double rib

Cast of one stitch on next row
Knit row, purl row until you can cover one side of your cushion
Knit 14 - pattern - knit 14 
Purl 14 - pattern - purl 14

knit row, purl row until your work covers the cushion

6 rows double rib - If you would like button wholes cast off 2 stitches where you would like them on the 3rd row and add 2 back in above them on the 4t…

Noel Cowards Private Lives

This play is so good. It's Coward so of course it's funny and quick witted but the production and casting of this version is amazing.
I've loved Stephens mainly since BBC's Jane Eyre and he's just as brilliant in this but much funnier of course. Chancellor is more than his match - I'll watch anything she's in, you just know it's going to be good. 
Can you be in love with someone that you want to murder half the time they are so infuriating? Should you stay with them? The audience was giggling away through the whole thing. The only part I wasn't keen on was the violence the PC me isn't keen on comedic husband/wife beating. But I'm taking it as a sign of the period. The production has it so that she hits him much harder and they are both highly dramatic characters!
It's on till 21st September so go see it if you can.

London Colour Run

Yesterday was the first ever UK Colour Run and I took part.

I signed up because it looked amazing fun. Then the panic kicked in. Me, running 5k... that didn't sound so good.

So I started using the 5K Runner app and running before work at the gym and something strange happened. I liked it. It took a couple of weeks but I felt proud of my progress, I liked that it was only 40mins and felt like I'd accomplished something before I even got to work.

This weekend has been the hottest in Britain in the last 7 years. Not great running weather - as it happened we only ran about half. The colour run is in the truest sense a fun run. There's not time tracking. People walked, ran, skipped and hobbled tied together (like a three legged race) around the track stopping at each marker to jump around in each colour filled zone. The most exercise for me was all the dancing at the end! The laid on a DJ and a colour fight/rave for hours after the run.

We travelled home looking rather purple …

Photography course

Yesterday I went on a photography course to learn a bit more about my new camera (I bought a Canon EOS1100D recently). The course was called 'Shooting the City' at was at Westland place studios near Old Street.

I didn't pick up as many tips as I would like, but I did get a few and played around more with the settings. I got an offer from Time Out and with the lunch the throw in it's good value for money.

I've a few photos below and a few more on flickr if you'd like to take a look:

New name

I felt the name and url of my blog didn't really match any of my other social media account etc so I've changed it up a bit. I hope you don't find it too confusing and don't forget to follow!

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