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Moving playlist

Moving is all done!

The whole process was a pain, the person who was going to take my room pulled out so I ended up re-advertising which took a while ...  It was nice to have more time with the short commute but for a few weeks there I felt like I was stuck waiting for things to happen, then luckily we found someone nice and then there was the whole moving whirlwind.

I've still got some unpacking to do but I'm pretty much done and all my stuff is here now. It's weird living beck home but much easier than staying over Christmas etc. because all my things are here (I do like my things).

At some point I'll set my Etsy shop back up but probably not until after I've gotten used to my commute!

Moving out check list

After almost 5 years in Wimbledon I'm starting to look at moving back in with my parents for a while to save money.  I'll stay in my job but commute (maybe I'm crazy).

The agreement with my landlord means I'm currently looking for someone to take my room.
-If you're interested you can find the ad on Spare Room -

Anyway here's the check list I'm working through at the moment:

tell housematestell landlordtake picturescreate advertfind day for viewings when flatmates are aroundviewings with selected applicantsget feedback from flatmates on who they likedconfirm with chosen personintroduce to landlordpass on details around billssort day to handover keyschanging my address EVERYWHEREclearing outtaking things to the charity shopfixing bitsbooking a vansorting my train season ticketbook parking space