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So much cake. So, so, so much cake.

I made a chocolate coca cola cake for mum for mothers day. She loves all that stuff (cake, chocolate, coca cola) so it seemed like a good idea. I used the recipe from this months The Simple Things magazine and it turned out pretty awesome even if I do say so myself - yay me for following instructions!

Today there was a bake sale at work for International Women's Day raising money for a women's refuge and raising awareness of inspiring women. Bakers provided a print out with information of the woman that inspired their cake on.  It made me happy to see a traditionally female activity giving insight into women in more male dominated role, from journalists to archeologists and paleontologists.

Painted Ikea frame

I found this paint in my local craft shop LOVED the colour (it matches Mindy - my car) and figured I'd give it a try to make the frame below a bit more interesting

The paint has a similar finish to Annie Sloan but perhaps a bit more chalky. I did two coats and gave it about an hour in between to dry. It doesn't stick well so thin coats are best. Once its dry the paint does stick which is good (I worried it might not for a while there) and drys darker and brighter - closer to the colour of the label.

Didn't turn out too badly! I think the paint is great for small projects but I'm not sure I'd use it for the big ones until I get more used to it.

Sorry about the poor lighting - it's difficult taking good photos at the moment!

The Night Manager

I started to read The Night Manager right before the BBC TV series started and managed to keep ahead of it luckily!

The book has a lot more going on in it, Pine's relationship to Sophie much more of a focus than it is in the series (which still packs a lot in) and, rather like Bond, he encounters more women in more countries. Trimming this down is a good thing but does make his trip to Roper look pretty easy. The book doesn't end 100% closed and happy but I like that and this is John le Carre after all. It's a good read but The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is still my favourite.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the TV version does with the rest of the book - I LOVE that they have Olivia Coleman as Burr! - and of course Hiddleston is always a reason for watching something.

Oh High Rise not long now...