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My kindle

My Kindle broke either last night or this morning. Either way it's kind of funny that the last thing my ex brought me died just after I had a date (yep I had a date yesterday - this is not about that though - sorry).

I've written a bit about ebooks before over here. I didn't realise I'd become attached to it though, it's like the John Green quote

I liked my kindle because it was practical but still prefer books. But slowly it crept up on me - this object was with me everyday and offered escapism that my phone couldn't. I'm also halfway through Gone Girl - it's good but damn those people are not nice!

So now I'm moving on - I've ordered a new one, a Paperwhite, that I'm going to call Meg (I like naming the these things, my phone is called Gilbert).

Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert is a singer songwriter / spoken-word poet. Have you heard Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? That's her in the chorus. It's a beautiful song about how all types of love are valid - gay or straight. I do love me some meaningful raping.

Lambert is a gay Christian and write about the experience of writing this chorus on her blog here

That chorus has recently been developed into a song

She also wrote this beauty on body image and her mental illness

1950's crochet pattern

My Nan was visiting my parents as well this weekend. She's a keen knitter (currently making things for charity - pretty awesome) and used to be a nurse. This came to her through one of her patients who'd had it for a while back then! Nan kept it just in case she felt like taking up crochet but this weekend she gave it to me. I'm not sure what the publication is its full of stories as well though. 
It's from 1965, look at those adverts!

The wedding!

This post is mainly pictures - that said I don't have any of the actual ceremony because I was in it...

The wedding was lovely, it was wonderful to be part of and such a special day, amazing to see one of my best friends so happy after a pretty rough year. She's my hero :)

Hen do part 2 - gift bag & card diy

Sunday Pirate and I put together some cards and mini gift bags for the Hens (sorry for the poor lighting in these photos!)
The bride got a box which I'll talk about in italics

Look at the cute pens and bags from Paper chase!

The bride had told us she didn't want anything to tacky and as we'd asked the girls to dress in tea dresses Sunday Pirate had the fab idea of giving everyone a hair slide so we matched a bit. The lolly stick and sharpies were for each of us to write a tip for marriage for the bride to keep - we made her guess who'd written what at dinner!

As we gave the bride a flower crown in stead and a flowery sash (see previous post)

Inspired by #TrEmma we hash tagged the envelopes and included our mobile numbers on the back in case anyone got lost and didn't have them already. The front of the card was just done with cut up washi tape and a white marker paint pen. 
We did similar cards with clues on for Verity for each stage of the day for her to open.

Hen party

On Saturday one of my best friends is getting married and back in June Sunday Pirate and I organised our first ever Hen do... and our hyper organised Bride wanted it to be a surprise. Scary stuff!

We were given a list of no nos:

Not in Portsmouth, Southampton or the Isle of WightNo strippersNothing to drunken or tackyNot too expensive We went with a day event and then had a rough plan of cocktails to finish and figured then people could just say what part of the main three they wanted to attend. We'd then sort out money based on that. The money the chasing people etc can be a bit stressful but we had a handy google doc to help us out!
 For Part 1 we had afternoon tea (minus the sandwiches) at Field and Fork, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. By far the best afternoon tea I've had and a fraction of the price you would pay in London.

Part 2 we made bunting at The Eternal Maker, Chichester - the staff laid on more cake and were really helpful. All the details they provided were l…

Burger afternoon tea and an Aca-along

Have you been to BRGR.CO in Soho? It's around the corner from my office (literally one road over) and I hadn't until Saturday...

Anyway they do an amazing afternoon tea with prosecco, iced tea and mini food - delicious I especially liked the mini milkshake. The mini burgers aren't as good as the Sliders at Slider/Player bar but are still damn fine.

Ro and then mooched around Foyles (best bookshop ever) before heading to Prince Charles Cinema.

Yep the Pitch Perfect aca along! Before the film kicked off they played the soundtrack while we warmed up. The screening was a sell out and this was their first of this.

After the vocal warm up (using a pitch pipe I might add) there were some harmonising competitions and cups comps before the film started.

I can't recommend this enough. They don't have the words on screen but everyone was singing and quoting along and by the end we were all on our feet for the cinemas last surprise (which don't be silly I'm not going t…

Crochet star DIY

I posted pictures of all the stars that I've made to turn into bunting and a few of you asked for the pattern so here it is! Sorry it's taken so long.

First up chain 5

Join circle with a slip and chain 2
2 double crochet, *chain 2, 3 double crochet* 4 times chain 2 and join, slip stitch through first set to join and complete first round. (I don't do this in the stitches put through the circle and make sure to cover the loose end so you don't have to stitch it in)

chain 2 2 double crochet chain 2, 3double crochet all in first gap, *3double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet all in next gap* repeat to end, slip through first three to join and complete round. (your 2 chains make your corners each round)

Chain 2, 2 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet all in first gap, single crochet in gap, *3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet all in next gap, single crochet in gap* repeat to end slip through first three to join and complete your star!

13 for 2013 update

I set myself some goals at the beginning of the year, we're over half way through so I thought I'd give you an update.

Sad face = not yet complete
Happy face = complete 
Weird face = somewhere in between...

1. Get to a UK size 10/12 :(
This isn't go too well I haven't really lost anything this year! That said I've been running more and going to the gym more it's just holidays and stress eating getting in my way. I still have time though!

2. Dress better  :)
I think I do better at this on some days than on others but in general I'm much better at dressing for my shape than I used to be. I should really put more pictures of me on here (I like that on other peoples blogs but can never quite do it myself)

3. Date more  :(
I've not really done this! I've been a bit busy to get past first date with anyone. Ah well.

4. Blog more  :)
I'm still not great at this but I have gotten better, now I just need to get a bit more consistent!

5. Look into selling some thi…

Music - Washington

Spotify recommended Washington to me, she's bloody good too so it looks like their recommedy programming stuff works. Reminds me a bit of Fine Frenzy or Those Dancing Days.

I'm a bit addicted to this song...

Itchen River

Not long ago - before the heat wave - we went on a walk along the River Itchner, it starts in WInchester and we followed it down to Eastleigh (more on the walk here). We walked through rain and sun.

There were pretty plants


Obstacles to overcome

 Pubs to visit
And some pretty good views
You can see more pictures on my Flickr