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Southsea Fest

So while I was jetting around Europe (read hanging out with my cousins kids in Brussels) I missed one of THE events of the year in Southsea, Southsea Fest.

The last few years the schedule has involved: fish and chips, quick run through the band listing to mark "must sees", drinking, listening to lovely bands running up and down albert road checking out cute guys. Pretty much the perfect day.

This year however I also missed out on the last gig of a local favourite. The Dawn Chorus were formed of people I've seen around but I've never really met. The first time I saw them was at Southsea Fest a couple of years ago in the Kings Theatre which their music and showmanship suited to a T.

Now they are splitting to work on other projects. Including Retrospective Soundtrack Players who I'm hoping to go see at Brixton Windmill soon!


I'm off to Brussels today with my mum and one of my aunts to stay with my cousin and his family in Brussels. Pretty much packed now (I'm a roller - it's a good space saver)

Have a good weekend!

(how awesome is this!)

Candy Chang

Love TED, Love Candy Chang and I Love this project:

More Candy Chang projects on here website here

Sidewalk Psychiatry is funny but I really like them all!

Healthy and Hearty

My friend Roisin has a new blog!

I mentioned earlier this week that this September I'm hoping to eat better well Ro is part of that. She's lots a fair bit of weight in the last couple of months through her "Healthy and Hearty" recipies and lot's of exercise. Yep you guessed it - it's also the name of her blog. I can't vouch for the Blueberry and Strawberry Semolina Porridge (I'm not a fan of Semolina...) but the writer herself has made me most of the other featured recipes and the are pretty damn good!

Crochet dress

I bought this Debbie Bliss crochet pattern book about a month or two ago, it's hard to find fashionable crochet patterns these days, most seem to be rather ... dated. These patterns have a great France in the 60's retro vibe which I love right now (the girl on the cover was part of the reason I got my hair cut shorter!) and are pretty easy to follow they even have UK and US terms in.

At the weekend I finished the dress pattern, it's pretty quick to make. It's made in two parts (front the back) rather than in one piece. I removed a shell row from the top as I'm a bit short and plan to add a belt or ribbon to make it more fitted.

The fit is pretty good though! I've worn it with my skin colour slip but think it needs one with colour - maybe black or wine colour... just got to find one or die one!

Cough Cough

I've had this pesky cold for a week now and am getting a bit fed up with it. What I'm not getting fed up of is Cough Cough by Everything Everything, looking forward to the new album!

I saw these guys on the NME Radar Tour a while back (it was a really good line up with Darwin Deez and Strange Death of Liberal England) and the killed it. Great live show, lot's of energy and very catchy songs - I hadn't heard them before that but I was still dancing along.

Remember these?


September always seems more like the beginning of something than spring or January. I guess because we grow up measuring by September's with school such a massive part of our lives.

A friend and I like to do predictions for each other for the year ahead around September - just a bit of fun and it's always been a bit hit/miss.

That said I've got me a new hair cut last week and yesterday I watched Rushmore again to get into the spirit of things. September might be a better time to make changes because the pressure is off (unlike the pesky New Years Resolution), this year I'm going to try and eat better - my immune system will thank me for it I'm sure.

The Sporting Life

Yes I missed Wimbledon due to some family stuff (next year I'll go - it's only 5 mins away!) and yes before the Olympics started I could have easily hit anyone blocking my tube entrance/exit and telling me it might be busy during the games (in fact it was quieter than I've ever seen it), but I've been liking this sports stuff lately!
I was tearing up with Murray when he lost the Wimbledon final and won over lots of haters. This is the first Olympics I've been into for a long time, my house mates and I watched the evening highlights when we were in, I was at my parents watching athletics on the tv at the weekends or at Hyde Park watching the big screen. I think I would have been doing this even if I hadn't moved - these games have felt more inclusive to me than any other. Maybe it's because it's been the first time that every country had a female competing for the first time, because previously ignored sports have been getting more attention, or because …