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Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't that big in the UK, however this year I am actually venturing out for it! So I've been making some things to go with my costume this week, I will be a purple and grey bat faerie and while I bought the wings I needed some little bat ears!

I've also pretty much finished the hairband Alexa asked me for I just need her to try it on so I can finish it up and make any size adjustments will post pictures after.

I have now finished my sisterly duties driving my brother around while parents are away so I can try and get back to more normal sleeping patterns.

Films seen this week:
This Is It: A lot better than I thought and even if you don't like MJ (I was never that much of a fan) it's an interesting look into how much prep goes into creating a show.
Spinal Tap: Oddly I'd never seen this before despite loving Best in Show, A Mighty Wind etc. funny, cleaver and brilliant music.

Enjoy your Halloween! x


I'm new to the blogsphere so any hints and tips welcome!
I've been getting into crafting a lot more lately especially knitting and crochet but also some doodling and sewing - I'll try and keep you up to date with on going projects.
Such as this Rowen Pattern I'm working on at the moment from the Studio 11 book >>>

I do love their stuff.

My parents phoned me today from one of the best places in the world - Kerry, Ireland making me very jealous. If you haven't been there you should go!
Inch Strand: