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Mitfords Letters Between Six Sisters

I'm not much of a non fiction fan. I find many hard to get into. I am starting to read more biographies though. The Mitford's are a fascinating family consistently in the media during their lives. This biography (like all) is slightly biased towards Diana as its complied by one of her descendants but I think the letters demention gives perfect snapshots into their complicated lives. It also shows much more of the sisters famous wit and humor - Deborah (Duchess of Devonshire) was a revelation to me! It is long but reads quickly and includes some of the families pictures.


Friday night I went to see Alt-J at Shepard's Bush Empire. I had been so excited about this - my first gig of 2013, one of my favourite bands on 2012 and a sold out show at that. They didn't disapoint. I like a bit of chat with the crowd which they didn't have much of but they more than made up for that. They went through all the album plus new song Buffalo from the Sliver Linings Playbook soundtrack (great film btw) not too mention a very cool cover of Kylie's Slow.

Cake and Tea Dances

It was one of my Southsea friends birthdays this weekend so I braved the snow and went down for her 40s tea dance. It was a great night everyone dressed up, the flat looked amazing and I got to catch up with lots of my favourite people.

The most dangerous thing about my new office is its proximity to a Hummingbird Bakery shop. They are the best damn cupcakes ever and come in cute take away boxes...

That's it really I just wanted to share how good they look!

Internet stuff:
Daniel Day-Lewis = ET
Don Cheadle, Golden Globe Winner (I would so do this if I won an award)
How I Met Your Mother theories and rules
People born in the 90's... 
Catching Fire!
Paper Music - so awesome
Eddie's freckles 

Knitting in Ends

I throughly dislike sewing in the ends after knitting and Pinterest has given a few different methods to avoid it. Have you tried either of these? Do you have other tricks?
Knitting the end inRussian join

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague are that band who's covers of songs are on lot's of adverts. While their cover of Ever Fallen In Love (Kia advert) is really annoying, they are actually quite good fun.


Wake Up

Musicals and Multimedia Tables

This week was draining. I'm still finding it hard in the new job. Discounting before Christmas (because it doesn't really count) this is only really my second week and I'm still trying to find my place in the team and make the role my own. My previous job was only 6 months but where it was so similar to what I had done for 6 years before it was easy to take the bull by the horns, the atmosphere (I sat in the sales office) was different too and there was a lot more banter. I'm loving having a new challenge and gaining new skills it's just taking time to adjust and I'm rather impatient sometimes to be the best at my job already.

What that got to do with musicals and multimedia tables you ask? Well this weekend I was on a cheer up mission.

Friday night:

One of my friends went to see Wicked with her fiance between Christmas and New year and they both loved it. I've wanted to see it for years (ahem glee this is partly your fault) and figured I would pop along and…

13 for 2013: The Gym

Random thoughts on the gym:
I think you have to be ready to join the gym - its a big expensive commitment really. You're paying monthly for something you may or not use and that you might see as hard workWhen you start out (or restart) you might feel self conscious - I certainly still do sometimes (no make up, baggy old clothes, read faced and sweaty isn't my best look ever)I think I have been going more since I joined in April because I feel "I'm happy how I am but it might be fun to be healthier" it puts less pressure on it allI need someone to shout at me so I go to classes, I find them more fun tooIf the instructor doesn't make it fun I'll try the same class with a different one but I won't go backHaving the gym on your way home helps - I would never go if it was out of my wayI used to think I wasn't a gym person - that wrong there isn't a "type" of person that goes to the gymThey are good places to meet people too (friend wise -…


If you have spoken to me in real life recently you might have picked up on the fact that I went to see Pitch Perfect before Christmas and that I am a bit obsessed with it now:

The Final mash-up = amazing, I must have listened to it about 1000 times alreadyKendrick and Snow - two great actresses I'll watch pretty much anything they've been inJesse - a fictional character I now have a massive crush onRebel - I wasn't a fan in Bridesmaids but she was awesome in this, a real scene stealerSoundtrack - I own it, it is epic.

13 for 2013: Weight

I think I'm going to tackle these a month at a time starting with this one! Starting with the most stereotypical girl resolution in the world.

When I started uni I lost a lot of weight, I then lost more in my final year when I got glandular fever. You hear a lot about people putting weight on around that time but I found I have more time to exercise, I went to the gym, walked everywhere and danced more than I drank. Since graduating and starting work I have put on a fair amount of weight. This last year I've lost a bit of it but I'm not where I'd like to be yet. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in August so I'd like to be a bit closer by then.

My main methods have been/will be:

Gym 3 times a week - mix of classes (the instructors push me more than I would myself)Calorie counter - I use the My Fitness Pal app on my phone, they also have a website. A few of my friends are on it too which helps
I'm also going to try to cook more and drink less alcohol... we'll…

13 for 2013

Last year I made a couple of rules/goals written down in my note book they read something like this:

year of the career (well I've had three jobs this year so maybe that should be careers)get healthy (I lost about a stone this year!)craft more (check!)dress smarter (think I did this one but could do better)no boys (I went on a couple of dates but nothing serious)exercise more (working at about 3x a week at the moment)work towards promotion (I got a new job and moved to London) Not too shabby! For 2013 I think I'm going to try to: get to a UK size 10/12dress betterdate moreblog morelook into selling some things I've madeget better with my moneygo on holidaylearn French againeat my 5 a daygo to outdoor cinemago to the theater moretake more photosdrink more water What are you looking to do this year?

How musicals have ruined the world for me #10

Putting up flat pack furniture isn't this quick let alone painting and making curtains!

Happy New Year!!

I hope that this is the year your dreams come true and that you find them even better than you expected.

Remember: "no one looks stupid when they're having fun"