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Pyjama shorts

I finished making my pyjama shorts! I mentioned them over here 

They are very comfy and I love the pattern (John Lewis fabric if you're after it). They are a little big, the draw string fixes but I'd be tempted to take more off the top next time. As a first clothing project it's a pretty simple one and well worth a go - even if they don't end up looking that great you can wear them.

Bonus picture of me looking awful nearly falling off the edge of my bed...

No I don't wear that top to bed normally it's a bit too nice for that.

Wedding season

One of my closest school friends got married this weekend! I was so happy to be there for their special day. They are an amazing couple and really perfect together. Don't they look lovely!

The church (St. Marys on Hayling) is gorgeous, really bright and open.

Randomly I knew the drummer who was one of my friends from primary school!

The rest of the gang!

There was an amazing sweet cart (Andy asked for this to be sepia in the hope he'd look like an old timey sweet sales man) and loads of other cute personal touches, like photos dotted around the corridor of the couple and their families, jam jars with flowers and pebble place names. The favours were seeds with a pot or a CD with songs from the day. It was great to see my friends so happy and to all catch up - Looking forward to the next one :)

Cross stitch on crochet

I made this using some Sidar Snuggly Baby Bamboo which at the moment is my favourite to crochet with. They have some amazing colours and being bamboo its nice and soft and smooth.

Rough Pattern

Using 3.5mm hook cast on 18 (or long enough to go over the width of your glasses plus a bit)single stitch into second chain, single stitch to end**chain two (counts as one double) double stitch into front half of second stitch continue in double stitch to end*chain two (counts as double) double into second stitch, continue in double stitch to endRepeat * until case measures about an inch past your sunglasses when you lay them on torejoin into back on first row repeat from ** but in back of stitches continue until back measures the same as the frontCross stitch pattern! - I amended this one but you could do anything reallyTurn inside out and join sew up sides leaving the topSingle crochet across the top in a contrasting colour

If you're in the US replace doubles with singles

You've Gone Too Far This Time Sir

Not a great book this week I'm afraid. It's a good story - Banker turned teacher rides his bike Shirley from the UK to India for charity, he meets lots of people gets into odd situations.

There are some problems though... most of which I think could have been fixed by a decent editor.

There's a lot of repetitionThe title and it's use in the book get a bit annoyingI'm not a fan of the cartoons randomly placed throughout, a photo section would be betterApparently the dates of some of the festivals he attended don't add upSome of the events described end very abruptly.
Although I do like a travelogue (hello Michael Palin books) I will admit to having bought this one accidentally on my kindle! It does draw you in though, Danny seems like a nice guy and his sense of humour in particular comes through in the book. It's not a life changing read, nor will it win any awards but if you are interested in travel or challenge books it is worth reading.

Picnics and dogs

My cousins were over from Belgium recently so a bunch of us went to Hundered Acre Wood for a picnic. The play areas they have a prety cool - loads to do for all my cousins' children! I can't say much else about the wood as I didn't walk in them but sat with my parents (mum's all injured), but I do know that there were some very muddy puddles that the dogs went in.

It was lovely seeing my lots of my family and the kids are really cute (sorry I don't like posting pics without their parents agreement so you'll just have to trust me). Look at these puppies though!
My cousins dogs (the black and white one is my favourite, she is so sweet and cuddly and well behaved).

My aunts dog

My aunt and uncles 4 month old, he's very cute and wriggly.

Weekly inspiration

My favourites from this week!
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Have a good weekend!

The Mindy Project

Oh Mindy Kaling, I love her so much! She is obviously clever, funny and not embarrassed to be girly. Her book is excellent, you should read it and her views on body image are spot on too!

Have you watched The Mindy Project? It was the season finale last this week so now is the perfect time for you to catch up on it before season 3 starts!

The Mindy from the series is a doctor in a small practice with a love of food, famous people, and rom coms.  It's very funny and plays really well on romcoms and throws in some pretty crazy characters - not to mention epic guest stars!

I would say that it takes a couple of episodes to really hit its stride, but its worth it though.

Danny dancing:

Danny has to be the best male romantic lead character on tv at the moment.

DVD storage

Living in a flat share you don't have that much room for DVD cases and I'm not advanced enough top have digitised all my films. When I moved up to London I used ring binders to store the disks instead but the sheets kept coming out of the binder which wouldn't stay shut!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and bar some of my fancy box sets, my DVDs are now in small dvd wallets filed alphabetically in an ikea storage box.

Keeping the covers is a nice touch and it makes them much easier to search. The problem now is that the storage box is a bit flimsy for the weight it has to carry, which is fine until I want to carry the box around.  Something like this from Oliver Bonas would be perfect if it was a bit cheaper!

How do you store yours? Are you an alphabetiser too? 

The Wasp Factory

'Three. I haven't killed anybody for years, and don't intend to ever again. It was just a stage I was going through.'
This book is mental and rather graphically violent (although not American Psycho violent luckily). Outsider Frank struggles with his own identity, complicated by a childhood accident and the fact he doesn't legally exist. His families mental problems leave him feeling pretty normal even with his own 'quirks' (murder, war games and animal sacrifices...).

It's a credit to Bank's writing that sometimes you feel sorry for Frank, and you always want to know what happens to him. It's not a comfortable read, but it's not meant to be. It's also left me a little scared of children that play war!

A Gothic horror story of quite exceptional quality...macabre, bizarre and...quite impossible to put down (FINANCIAL TIMES)
Have you read it before? What did you think?

Life After Life

Kate Atkinson is a favourite of a couple of my friends, but I think the only book of hers that I'd read before was Case Histories which is good and I liked it, but I wasn't blown away by it.

"What if we had a chance to do it again and again, until we finally did get it right? wouldn't that be wonderful?" 
Life After Life asks what if we were to relive our life over and over, would you make different choices, would you get deja vu, would you remember the previous times, would you kill Hitler?

It might sound a bit silly but it's very well written and draws you in. Nearly always coming back to the birth story but told from different views, Ursula's story starts to get more fragmented as you go through the book.

"Kate Atkinson's new novel is a box of delights. Ingenious in construction, indefatigably entertaining, it grips the reader's imagination on the first page and never lets go. If you wish to be moved and astonished, read it. And if you want …