Picnics and dogs

My cousins were over from Belgium recently so a bunch of us went to Hundered Acre Wood for a picnic. The play areas they have a prety cool - loads to do for all my cousins' children! I can't say much else about the wood as I didn't walk in them but sat with my parents (mum's all injured), but I do know that there were some very muddy puddles that the dogs went in.

It was lovely seeing my lots of my family and the kids are really cute (sorry I don't like posting pics without their parents agreement so you'll just have to trust me). Look at these puppies though!

My cousins dogs (the black and white one is my favourite, she is so sweet and cuddly and well behaved).

My aunts dog

My aunt and uncles 4 month old, he's very cute and wriggly.