Cross stitch on crochet

I made this using some Sidar Snuggly Baby Bamboo which at the moment is my favourite to crochet with. They have some amazing colours and being bamboo its nice and soft and smooth.

Rough Pattern

  • Using 3.5mm hook cast on 18 (or long enough to go over the width of your glasses plus a bit)
  • single stitch into second chain, single stitch to end
  • **chain two (counts as one double) double stitch into front half of second stitch continue in double stitch to end
  • *chain two (counts as double) double into second stitch, continue in double stitch to end
  • Repeat * until case measures about an inch past your sunglasses when you lay them on to
  • rejoin into back on first row repeat from ** but in back of stitches continue until back measures the same as the front
  • Cross stitch pattern! - I amended this one but you could do anything really
  • Turn inside out and join sew up sides leaving the top
  • Single crochet across the top in a contrasting colour

If you're in the US replace doubles with singles