You've Gone Too Far This Time Sir

Not a great book this week I'm afraid. It's a good story - Banker turned teacher rides his bike Shirley from the UK to India for charity, he meets lots of people gets into odd situations.

There are some problems though... most of which I think could have been fixed by a decent editor.

  • There's a lot of repetition
  • The title and it's use in the book get a bit annoying
  • I'm not a fan of the cartoons randomly placed throughout, a photo section would be better
  • Apparently the dates of some of the festivals he attended don't add up
  • Some of the events described end very abruptly.

Although I do like a travelogue (hello Michael Palin books) I will admit to having bought this one accidentally on my kindle! It does draw you in though, Danny seems like a nice guy and his sense of humour in particular comes through in the book. It's not a life changing read, nor will it win any awards but if you are interested in travel or challenge books it is worth reading.