Tegan & Sara LIVE

If you've read this blog before you'll know I like Tegan and Sara well I went to see them play when they were in London last month (yeah I know that was ages ago now...)

I first got into them through my friend Ben G. and some bloggers plus Greys Anatomy (it's an amazing show OK!). Blogs told me that they chat a lot on stage (you know I love some audience interaction) telling stories from their childhood and such so I really didn't want to miss out. They played at Troxy which is pretty massive. I booked late so I had a seat (I am old so that wasn't a problem)

side note: the seats are pretty weird though, I had one in a booth and had a bit of a crick in my neck by the end, table though WHOOP! 

They played most of the new album and plenty of their older hits - they even did a medley! Something they'd read in NME or some such rag that cool bands should never do. They brought their mum with them on tour as she hadn't been to Europe but had always wanted to she also took over their blog for the trip. So cute. I love them that much more now.