This weekend was pretty busy - not in the going out lot's way although I guess I did, just no late nights.

Friday I saw Chorus Line with Ro after Diner for dinner. The play is really well done, all in real time and showing glimpses of the types of people that audition for stage roles and why.

Saturday we got a new flat mate. Yep one of the girls has moved in with he boyfriend and after interviewing new ones I think we have a good one. She likes Doctor Who and Sherlock so at the very least I have someone to geek out with at home now! We of course celebrated in the pub and got to know her boyfriend - who has already got in my good books by helping take the recycling out this morning (it's the little things).

Sunday was mainly spent at Ikea. We went to top up some of our kitchen bits and to replace a rather uncomfortable sofa with a couple of cosy chairs. I also wanted a new bookcase. After we got back there was lot's of moving things around, clearing out and furniture building.

Not sure if you can see it all properly but the star bunting I made, I've hidden some of my wool stash in the draws. Right where the light annoyingly hits that picture - that's a picture my friend Ve made for me for Christmas from scrabble letters.  There are a few other gifts on there too along with some of my books. The majority of my books are in storage at my parents at the moment though.