Noel Cowards Private Lives

Private Lives artwork
Private Lives at Gielgud Theatre

This play is so good. It's Coward so of course it's funny and quick witted but the production and casting of this version is amazing.

I've loved Stephens mainly since BBC's Jane Eyre and he's just as brilliant in this but much funnier of course.
Chancellor is more than his match - I'll watch anything she's in, you just know it's going to be good. 

Can you be in love with someone that you want to murder half the time they are so infuriating? Should you stay with them? The audience was giggling away through the whole thing. The only part I wasn't keen on was the violence the PC me isn't keen on comedic husband/wife beating. But I'm taking it as a sign of the period. The production has it so that she hits him much harder and they are both highly dramatic characters!

It's on till 21st September so go see it if you can.