London Colour Run

Yesterday was the first ever UK Colour Run and I took part.

I signed up because it looked amazing fun. Then the panic kicked in. Me, running 5k... that didn't sound so good.

So I started using the 5K Runner app and running before work at the gym and something strange happened. I liked it. It took a couple of weeks but I felt proud of my progress, I liked that it was only 40mins and felt like I'd accomplished something before I even got to work.

This weekend has been the hottest in Britain in the last 7 years. Not great running weather - as it happened we only ran about half. The colour run is in the truest sense a fun run. There's not time tracking. People walked, ran, skipped and hobbled tied together (like a three legged race) around the track stopping at each marker to jump around in each colour filled zone. The most exercise for me was all the dancing at the end! The laid on a DJ and a colour fight/rave for hours after the run.

We travelled home looking rather purple receiving bemused looks from passer-bys.

It was great fun, I'm going to try to keep up the running and I will be signing up again for next year!