Graphic Novels

I'm always up for recommendations here. So far I've tended to enjoy either the comedy superhero ones (Kickass, Scott Pilgrim) or more autobiographical (French Milk, Logicomix, Persepolis)

This year I tried some batman ones that my friend lent me, they were good but not as impressive as I'd hoped. I can't put my finger on why but I didn't enjoy them like I had some others...

I've read a few more this year and I think part of the reason is the artwork. What I like about it is that the visuals can help tell the story in a different way with words. Duh you say? Well let me explain a bit more...

I loved this so damn much, it's going to cost me a fortune to finish this series though! Anyway it's not just the story Gaiman writes but I think the artwork really helps show the weird dream kingdom.

Baby's in Black
This biography looks back at The Beatles time in Germany. The art shows so perfectly Sutcliffe's fragile state, the romance of the two artists and the scene/style of the era.

Ok so this one doesn't so much show things that couldn't be written in a book even though it is pretty cinematic and I loved it (funnier than i thought although fucked up in bits, as you'd imagine). 

Maybe it's just the Superhero thing that I struggle with then - in comic form anyway, maybe I haven't found the right one (suggestions below please) or maybe I'm just a bit pretentious...I hope not.