13 for 2013: The Gym

Random thoughts on the gym:
  • I think you have to be ready to join the gym - its a big expensive commitment really. You're paying monthly for something you may or not use and that you might see as hard work
  • When you start out (or restart) you might feel self conscious - I certainly still do sometimes (no make up, baggy old clothes, read faced and sweaty isn't my best look ever)
  • I think I have been going more since I joined in April because I feel "I'm happy how I am but it might be fun to be healthier" it puts less pressure on it all
  • I need someone to shout at me so I go to classes, I find them more fun too
  • If the instructor doesn't make it fun I'll try the same class with a different one but I won't go back
  • Having the gym on your way home helps - I would never go if it was out of my way
  • I used to think I wasn't a gym person - that wrong there isn't a "type" of person that goes to the gym
  • They are good places to meet people too (friend wise - I don't know how you'd meet a guy there!)