Musicals and Multimedia Tables

This week was draining. I'm still finding it hard in the new job. Discounting before Christmas (because it doesn't really count) this is only really my second week and I'm still trying to find my place in the team and make the role my own. My previous job was only 6 months but where it was so similar to what I had done for 6 years before it was easy to take the bull by the horns, the atmosphere (I sat in the sales office) was different too and there was a lot more banter. I'm loving having a new challenge and gaining new skills it's just taking time to adjust and I'm rather impatient sometimes to be the best at my job already.

What that got to do with musicals and multimedia tables you ask? Well this weekend I was on a cheer up mission.

Friday night:

One of my friends went to see Wicked with her fiance between Christmas and New year and they both loved it. I've wanted to see it for years (ahem glee this is partly your fault) and figured I would pop along and see about last minute tickets. I am so glad I did it was a great production. The whole theatre is done up, the voices incredible and the touches of humour were great. I loved the story and would even go so far as to say I prefer it to the Wiz of Oz!

Saturday night:

I got invited a long to a friends birthday dinner at Inamo in Soho (just around the corner from my office!). The food is insanely good. I recommend sharing a few starters and mains so that you can try more things. The pudding I would skip next time.  Here's the gimmick though - you can play with the table. It's a computer projected onto the table so you order everything on the table, you can check your bill and see pictures of the options before you order. You can choose how your table looks, play games (we played battleships) and watch whats happening in the kitchen. It can be a bit counter to conversation, something which many struggle with anyway they are so attached to their phones, but as I didn't know many people it acted as a good ice breaker.


Today I saw Les Mis. (sorry Ro I will go with you too) I got last minute free tickets through my housemates friend. It was spectacular. Some of it was filmed in my hometown (Portsmouth) at the old dockyard! The cast were as incredible as everyone is saying. I am so glad Eddie Redmayne was a good singer, my housemates now also have crushes on him (he is so beautiful) and although Russel Crowe isn't perfect, his acting was great and his voice wasn't as bad as reviews suggested.  Guardian review that I liked Yes I cried in the cinema.