13 for 2013

Last year I made a couple of rules/goals written down in my note book they read something like this:

  • year of the career (well I've had three jobs this year so maybe that should be careers)
  • get healthy (I lost about a stone this year!)
  • craft more (check!)
  • dress smarter (think I did this one but could do better)
  • no boys (I went on a couple of dates but nothing serious)
  • exercise more (working at about 3x a week at the moment)
  • work towards promotion (I got a new job and moved to London)
Not too shabby! For 2013 I think I'm going to try to:
  1. get to a UK size 10/12
  2. dress better
  3. date more
  4. blog more
  5. look into selling some things I've made
  6. get better with my money
  7. go on holiday
  8. learn French again
  9. eat my 5 a day
  10. go to outdoor cinema
  11. go to the theater more
  12. take more photos
  13. drink more water
What are you looking to do this year?