Mitfords Letters Between Six Sisters

"Debo" Duchess of Devonshire (Deborah Mitford) the last surviving of the famous and notorious Mitford sisters.  Even though she had incredible wealth, she was always a farm girl at heart.  Here she is feeding her chickens in a posed photo. A wonderful woman whose life is like a fairy tale.  Her autobiography: Deborah Mitford  Duchess of Deavonshire "Wait For Me" is great reading.
Debo Photo by Bruce Weber
Nancy Mitford
Nancy via

I'm not much of a non fiction fan. I find many hard to get into. I am starting to read more biographies though. The Mitford's are a fascinating family consistently in the media during their lives. This biography (like all) is slightly biased towards Diana as its complied by one of her descendants but I think the letters demention gives perfect snapshots into their complicated lives. It also shows much more of the sisters famous wit and humor - Deborah (Duchess of Devonshire) was a revelation to me! It is long but reads quickly and includes some of the families pictures.