remember when it was sunny?

I'm not one for starting things straight away in January, much better to wait until you're back in the routine of work. I have a couple of long term goals (healthier, weight loss, more productive, save more money...) but to start with I'm going for these:

Don't snooze:
I tend to wake up about 6-7ish and then not get up until 7.30-8ish (I work flexi) it's really bad and leaves me feeling sleepy. What I'm trying to do is get up within 5 mins of waking up - so far it's given me much more time and make the mornings less rushed.

Breakfast before I leave home:
I tended to eat at work which isn't great, this week I've been having scrambled egg on toast or porridge - much better. With the scrambled egg I've not even felt hungry until 12 (which is rare for me!)

Leave work earlier:
This hasn't really happened, I've been getting in earlier and even working shorter lunch but I think once I've caught up from the break it should be easier.

Productive evenings:
I've been making lunch for the next day as soon as I get in while my dinner cooks, then blogging after I've eaten. After that I reward myself with a sweet treat, some tv and knitting before bed. I'd really like to keep this up!

See more events:
So far so good! I've been to the theatre already this month and have gig tickets for a few things booked.

What are your goals for 2014? Have you got used to writing that yet?? I hope the weather is treating you well.