2 Sherlocks

I have just finished the season three finale of Sherlock - I'm not going to say much in case you've not watched it except that it's bloody brilliant and they had better not wait another two years for the next serious even if they are all famous and in films and such...

I didn't watch it on Sunday when it aired because I went to the BFI (I left the house on a Sunday night!), which brings me to my second Sherlock - Sherlock Jr.

The BFI are currently having a Buster Keaton season and if you can you you really should. They have a live pianist and honestly his films are timeless. So funny - I don't think I've been to see a film where people laughed so much in ages. As the BFI says:

"His view of the world was distinctive: unsentimental yet compassionate, darkly conscious of life’s absurdities yet illuminated by a cautiously hopeful humanity. Besides being a peerless entertainer, he was an artist of the highest order; accordingly, his work – much of it ahead of its time in many ways – still feels remarkably modern. Indeed, its philosophical resonance and its quietly resourceful aesthetic seem as timeless as its comic appeal."

Don't be put off if you think you're not keen on silent films & let me know if you do go!