The Drums

So when I go to gigs I make notes on my phone between each set and when I get around to it I type them up and put them on here.

I typed up the notes from The Drums gig in December at Portsmouth Pyramids then deleted them. Turns out I also didn't schedule the post properly or something as it seems to have vanished... this is a real shame as it was most likely the best piece of writing I've even done and now it will never see the light of day :P

So a quick recap from my memory...

History of Apple Pie: pretty good, unfortunately had some technical issues

Cloud Control: AMAZING

The Drums: really good, awesome dance moves, rubbish final song, didn't play this*:

*I actually heard some people joking (I think) about asking for their money back because of it...

Some Cloud Control, because they owned it and their set was too short: