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Good times

I have been rather absent from my blog lately. Sorry! Here are some highlights from the last two weeks:
Rugby matchMeeting new peopleWinning the pub quizArt trip to LondonCupcakes and craft nightCinema: Sherlock HolmesSteak for lunchShopping trip - bought Passion Pit: Manners and Arcade Fire: Neon Bible (I never by cd's over £6 so always have to wait...) both are awesomeCoffee shop chatsWatching awesome local bandsTalking to a cute bearded manFake fighting in a barBeing taught a little bass guitarKnitting It's been busy!


I've loved Travis Bones work for a while now and today while looking at I saw this! It one of my favourite animals and one of my favourite bands. What better reason to buy such a great piece of work :)

I think it's beautiful and will make my flat even prettier :)


Lots of dream and not much quality sleep lately. The constant grey sky isn't helping me feel more awake in the day either! I did get some happy mail yesterday though.. pretty navy blue wool.

I'm off to work now, hopefully I'll stay awake...
pic from weheartit

put on my shoes and I'm ready for the weekend

Part of me hates that all the Easter stuff is in the shops already (we haven't even started Lent yet) but then another part of me loves that I can buy mini eggs whenever I want...
(image from cadburys)
Now I'm going to put on my shoes and head out for the weekend :)

10 things that make me :)

As promised here are 10 things that make me smile
Snow - NOT ICE (image weheart it)
Hot chocolate - with all the extras (image weheartit)
Catching up with friends

Hats! Not just woolly ones (although they are the best)
Glee! Love her clothes! Image from
Pets - I wish I could have one...
Blogs! Like the ones in my last post
Cupcakes with friends:
Knitting: Generally accompanied by tv/film watching, listening to music or chatting to the girls! (currently knitting by Kim Hargreaves)
Picnics: I guess I've finally had enough of all the ice that's everywhere! I do love picnics anyway - my family have an annual one in the woods near my parents house: and then there's the common near where I live - perfect for lazy summer days...

Happy 101

Alexa has given me the Happy 101 award!
"This award is for all the ladies in the blogging community that bring a smile to your face. So...along with this award I am to list 10 things that make me HAPPY and pass the award on to 10 ladies that make me smile."
Here are 10 of the ladies that make me smile :) Starting with ...
Alexa - she made this. End of. made this lovely! (and several others she should post pictures of ;)) I'm pretty sure we have the exact same taste in men! although all the food pictures from the holidays make me hungry! she made this - nuff said. - for sharing and making these: - for style inspiration like this: - because every girl should be told:…

Sewing & Snowing

The snow continued though the night and most of today which meant working from home. It's not too bad where I live but my Dad only got home from work at 6 this morning!
Anywhoo I have also been able to finish my sewing:


It's snowing and I am very excited and happy to be able to see it from my window but be in the warmth of my flat.
Here are my plans for this wintry evening: Wrap up in my duvet on my rocking chair (pressie from mum and dad), eating cookies, sewing and reading film magazines.


Things to make and do 2010

Happy New Year!

I have started my first project of the year - here's a sneak peak of part of it:

I'll post the rest when it's done - but remember today was my first day back at work so it could be a while...
As well as the cardigan and jumper I'm knitting there are quiet a few things I want to make this year: jewellery display caselyrical cushionscover for rocking chair covercrochet blanketquilt (I've never done any quilting before)embroidered piece for my bedroom wall (no idea what yet though!)knit gloves (yep ones with fingers - I will defeat my fear!)new pinboard display for the kitchentry some amigurumisort out a blog banner - maybe a redesign?make some Christmas decorations (thinking ahead!)another hat (I love my green one)knit a dresscrochet a shawl I'm sure I'll be adding more throughout the year but we'll see how it goes! What are your plans for this year?