Happy 101

Alexa has given me the Happy 101 award!

"This award is for all the ladies in the blogging community that bring a smile to your face. So...along with this award I am to list 10 things that make me HAPPY and pass the award on to 10 ladies that make me smile."

Here are 10 of the ladies that make me smile :) Starting with ...

Alexa - she made this. End of.

http://iloveyoumorethantheclash.blogspot.com/ made this lovely! (and several others she should post pictures of ;))

http://missindiedesigns.blogspot.com/ I'm pretty sure we have the exact same taste in men!

http://heartonmysleeve-lehua.blogspot.com/ although all the food pictures from the holidays make me hungry!

http://heyjenrenee.blogspot.com/ she made this - nuff said.

http://blog.polkadotrobot.com/polka-dot-robot/ - for sharing and making these:

http://heartthrobs.blogspot.com/ - for style inspiration like this:

http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/ - because every girl should be told:

http://kirstyneale.typepad.com/gingerandgeorge/ - I've only just started following but had to include because of this...

http://bygoneknits.blogspot.com/ - like vintage? check this blog out!

Top 10 things that make me smile will follow shortly!


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