Things to make and do 2010

Happy New Year!

I have started my first project of the year - here's a sneak peak of part of it:

I'll post the rest when it's done - but remember today was my first day back at work so it could be a while...

As well as the cardigan and jumper I'm knitting there are quiet a few things I want to make this year:
  • jewellery display case
  • lyrical cushions
  • cover for rocking chair cover
  • crochet blanket
  • quilt (I've never done any quilting before)
  • embroidered piece for my bedroom wall (no idea what yet though!)
  • knit gloves (yep ones with fingers - I will defeat my fear!)
  • new pinboard display for the kitchen
  • try some amigurumi
  • sort out a blog banner - maybe a redesign?
  • make some Christmas decorations (thinking ahead!)
  • another hat (I love my green one)
  • knit a dress
  • crochet a shawl
I'm sure I'll be adding more throughout the year but we'll see how it goes! What are your plans for this year?