Good times

I have been rather absent from my blog lately. Sorry! Here are some highlights from the last two weeks:
  • Rugby match
  • Meeting new people
  • Winning the pub quiz
  • Art trip to London
  • Cupcakes and craft night
  • Cinema: Sherlock Holmes
  • Steak for lunch
  • Shopping trip - bought Passion Pit: Manners and Arcade Fire: Neon Bible (I never by cd's over £6 so always have to wait...) both are awesome
  • Coffee shop chats
  • Watching awesome local bands
  • Talking to a cute bearded man
  • Fake fighting in a bar
  • Being taught a little bass guitar
  • Knitting
It's been busy!


  1. I enjoy your blog, How was Sherlock Holmes?

  2. Ahem, i don't think you should be mentioning said bearded man on here or that he is cute!

  3. Thank you :) It was really good fun - a lot better than I had expected it to be. Plus RDJr gets better looking all the time.

    Hehe sooooo not who you are thinking of! I thought the bass player of another band was cute so Nic brought him over to say hi. He banged a drum at us as we left.


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