10 things that make me :)

As promised here are 10 things that make me smile

Snow - NOT ICE
(image weheart it)

Hot chocolate - with all the extras
(image weheartit)

Catching up with friends

Hats! Not just woolly ones (although they are the best)

Glee cast gallery: Emma
Love her clothes! Image from www.e4.com

Pets - I wish I could have one...

Blogs! Like the ones in my last post

Cupcakes with friends:

Generally accompanied by tv/film watching, listening to music or chatting to the girls!
(currently knitting by Kim Hargreaves)

I guess I've finally had enough of all the ice that's everywhere! I do love picnics anyway - my family have an annual one in the woods near my parents house:
and then there's the common near where I live - perfect for lazy summer days...