Burger afternoon tea and an Aca-along

Have you been to BRGR.CO in Soho? It's around the corner from my office (literally one road over) and I hadn't until Saturday...

Anyway they do an amazing afternoon tea with prosecco, iced tea and mini food - delicious I especially liked the mini milkshake. The mini burgers aren't as good as the Sliders at Slider/Player bar but are still damn fine.

Ro and then mooched around Foyles (best bookshop ever) before heading to Prince Charles Cinema.

Yep the Pitch Perfect aca along! Before the film kicked off they played the soundtrack while we warmed up. The screening was a sell out and this was their first of this.

After the vocal warm up (using a pitch pipe I might add) there were some harmonising competitions and cups comps before the film started.

I can't recommend this enough. They don't have the words on screen but everyone was singing and quoting along and by the end we were all on our feet for the cinemas last surprise (which don't be silly I'm not going to ruin although I have most likely over hyped it now).