Hen do part 2 - gift bag & card diy

Sunday Pirate and I put together some cards and mini gift bags for the Hens (sorry for the poor lighting in these photos!)

The bride got a box which I'll talk about in italics

Look at the cute pens and bags from Paper chase!

The bride had told us she didn't want anything to tacky and as we'd asked the girls to dress in tea dresses Sunday Pirate had the fab idea of giving everyone a hair slide so we matched a bit. The lolly stick and sharpies were for each of us to write a tip for marriage for the bride to keep - we made her guess who'd written what at dinner!

As we gave the bride a flower crown in stead and a flowery sash (see previous post)

Inspired by #TrEmma we hash tagged the envelopes and included our mobile numbers on the back in case anyone got lost and didn't have them already. The front of the card was just done with cut up washi tape and a white marker paint pen. 

We did similar cards with clues on for Verity for each stage of the day for her to open.

Inside we put a printed out funny picture of the bride (fastened with photo corners) and wrote our thank you message.

We also included peoples menu choices for dinner if they were staying - nothing worse than trying to figure out food orders for a large group of people!

The brides box also included some joke gifts, a treasure hunt list, a photo album, instax film (Sunday pirate brought her camara) and the grooms answers to the Mr & Mrs game which we played at dinner.