13 for 2013 update

I set myself some goals at the beginning of the year, we're over half way through so I thought I'd give you an update.


Sad face = not yet complete
Happy face = complete 
Weird face = somewhere in between...

1. Get to a UK size 10/12 :(
This isn't go too well I haven't really lost anything this year! That said I've been running more and going to the gym more it's just holidays and stress eating getting in my way. I still have time though!

2. Dress better  :)
I think I do better at this on some days than on others but in general I'm much better at dressing for my shape than I used to be. I should really put more pictures of me on here (I like that on other peoples blogs but can never quite do it myself)

3. Date more  :(
I've not really done this! I've been a bit busy to get past first date with anyone. Ah well.

4. Blog more  :)
I'm still not great at this but I have gotten better, now I just need to get a bit more consistent!

5. Look into selling some things I've made  :I
I'm building up a stock pile of things and hope to actually do this when I've overcome my irrational fear of it all...

6. Get better with my money :)
I've managed to pay off my overdraft, loan etc so I'm only left with 'good debt' (mortgage and student loan) now I'm building up savings and trying to stick to a budget. Grown up.

7. Go on holiday :)
Yes :)

8. Learn French again  :I
I've downloaded an earworms thing and while it's super cheesy it's good for holiday French and as a way back into the language

9. Eat my 5 a day  :I
I've got much better but I still struggle at the weekend and in times of stress

10. Go to outdoor cinema :)
I've been to the rooftop cinema at Hoxton Queen - great fun :)

11. Go to the theatre more :)
Yes! I've gotten much better at this, vouchers help lots with keeping the cost down

12. Take more photos :)
My new camera has given me a bit of a boost in this

13: Drink more water :)
Yes although I'm still drinking too much cola!