Southsea Fest

So while I was jetting around Europe (read hanging out with my cousins kids in Brussels) I missed one of THE events of the year in Southsea, Southsea Fest.

The last few years the schedule has involved: fish and chips, quick run through the band listing to mark "must sees", drinking, listening to lovely bands running up and down albert road checking out cute guys. Pretty much the perfect day.

This year however I also missed out on the last gig of a local favourite. The Dawn Chorus were formed of people I've seen around but I've never really met. The first time I saw them was at Southsea Fest a couple of years ago in the Kings Theatre which their music and showmanship suited to a T.

Now they are splitting to work on other projects. Including Retrospective Soundtrack Players who I'm hoping to go see at Brixton Windmill soon!