The Sporting Life

Yes I missed Wimbledon due to some family stuff (next year I'll go - it's only 5 mins away!) and yes before the Olympics started I could have easily hit anyone blocking my tube entrance/exit and telling me it might be busy during the games (in fact it was quieter than I've ever seen it), but I've been liking this sports stuff lately!
Jess in Hyde Park
I was tearing up with Murray when he lost the Wimbledon final and won over lots of haters. This is the first Olympics I've been into for a long time, my house mates and I watched the evening highlights when we were in, I was at my parents watching athletics on the tv at the weekends or at Hyde Park watching the big screen. I think I would have been doing this even if I hadn't moved - these games have felt more inclusive to me than any other. Maybe it's because it's been the first time that every country had a female competing for the first time, because previously ignored sports have been getting more attention, or because this is the first year that this is the biggest Paralympics in history. It's a good feeling though, makes you feel rather patriotic!

Post box being painted gold in Wimbledon
This weekend I got back into some rugby watching, heading to Twickenham for the London double header - two games of Rugby, 4 sets of fans + booze and no fights in the stands. I do love this game. Even though I'm full of cold still it was great to catch up with some friends (even bumped into some friends from my old work :) ).

Today it's F1 and there's a Brit on pole - who needs football!

Bloody love this song - awesome band.