Crochet dress

I bought this Debbie Bliss crochet pattern book about a month or two ago, it's hard to find fashionable crochet patterns these days, most seem to be rather ... dated. These patterns have a great France in the 60's retro vibe which I love right now (the girl on the cover was part of the reason I got my hair cut shorter!) and are pretty easy to follow they even have UK and US terms in.

At the weekend I finished the dress pattern, it's pretty quick to make. It's made in two parts (front the back) rather than in one piece. I removed a shell row from the top as I'm a bit short and plan to add a belt or ribbon to make it more fitted.

The fit is pretty good though! I've worn it with my skin colour slip but think it needs one with colour - maybe black or wine colour... just got to find one or die one!