Brownie scarf!

Yep, that's right it's finished! Pictures below. I found my sash and badges a while back and wanted to do something with them I like the idea of the brown scarf as it is a bit like a sash (if you think about it and squint a bit...)

Sorry it's so fuzzy, Blackberry's don't have the best cameras! That is my Footpath badge, I thought it was a good one to use on a scarf.

And yes I even lined the pocket. The scarf is moss stitch with three stocking stitch at each end. The yellow has been crocheted on.

In other news my face is starting to fall off now. The doctor froze a skin tag on my face. It essentially gives you frost bite and then the lump falls off. In theory it won't leave a mark as cutting would. I'll let you know!

Girls night out tonight :) I hope you have a good weekend!