Now I haven't actually been out to see any but I can see some from my window if I crouch down a bit.

Been a busy week so far this week. Seen some films (see below) finished Alexa's hairband forgot to take pictures though... and also made a picture frame cover from some left over wool. The pattern needs some work but it's ok.
It was my younger brothers birthday this week and my mum's 50th is coming up so tomorrow I am off work and present hunting with my aunt for her gift.
Alexa has also shown me some of her scrapping and I really do have to give it a go at some point... you can see her stuff at Any suggestions welcome!
Films seen this week:
9 This is the cartoon not the musical. Visually impressive but the plot is a little confused.
Vampires Assistant actually a lot better than I thought it would be, funny if a little silly.
Have a good weekend!