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Cardamom and rose water cupcakes

There's a bake sale at work tomorrow so I've made these cupcakes! I had a practise go at the weekend because I wasn't sure how much cardamom to use but they've turned out pretty damn good even if I do say so myself!
IngredientsMakes 12
175g each of butter, self-raising flour, caster sugar (I like golden)
1/2tsp baking powder
3 eggs
Seeds from 7-8 cardamom pods ground (I used a pestle and mortar)

For the icing No quantities because I just add bits until it looks and tastes right..
Pink food colouring paste
Icing sugar
Pistachios - roughly chopped
Rose water (just a couple of drops - this stuff is strong)

Method Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Mix main ingredients
Distribute evenly in 12 cupcake cases
Bake in oven for 20-25 mins
Cool on rack
Mix icing ingredients to your preference
Finish with pistachios!

Pom pom blanket

Pretty easy one this. The blanket is a simple Ikea one. I used a small pompom maker to make a ton of pom poms and then stitched them onto the scallops.

I started by sewing pom poms on alternate scallops near the end. I then went back and sewed some on the empty scallops but at the other end. You get something fluffy like this when you're done.

Bedside tables

I actually took some things from my parents for once rather than storing more of my stuff in their garage!  I took two pine bedside tables that I think are as old as me (I'm afraid I forgot to take a before photo). They are sturdy and a good size they just needed a bit of love.

I used Annie Sloan paint in Pure on the outside and then Aubusson Blue for inside the draws.

I finished with clear soft wax and Anthropologie knobs.

I did two coats of Pure but should have done 3 (it looked a bit patchy after putting the wax on). The blue only needed one coat of paint. When I get a new bed I'll do another coat.

Watching, reading, listening

Watching I went to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour again last week which has started a rewatch of all the HP films. I've been doing it with one of my friends over Whatsapp with lots of messages about how stupid Harry can be...
I've also been watching some Agents of SHIELD which ain't great but it passes the time and sometimes it's funny. 
Reading Moranthology, Caitlin Moran. Its just a collection of her articles but she has provided some commentary around why things have been chosen and some other bits. It's funny but I preferred How To Be a Woman. Also she's called Caitlin and spells it right so I have to like her a bit.
Listening Please give me recommendations! I'm struggling to find new stuff that excites me at the moment. I've been listening to some Kinks, Punch Brothers, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Naked & Famous.